In 2016, Amazon has contributed to the online sales growth by 53%*. The reason behind this is its focus towards customer friendly standards which its sellers need to follow. The sellers which fail to adhere to their standards, face issues like suspension or termination of their account which has always proven to be a significant loss for them.

However, you may perceive these suspensions and terminations unfair because many times they happen due to some minor issues. Just don’t panic, you are not alone and there is solution to every problem.

Here we will talk about the possible reasons of your Amazon seller account getting suspended and how to overcome that suspension to get your seller account reinstated.

Amazon Criterion

Your seller account can be suspended or terminated if you fail to fulfill the below mentioned criterion set by Amazon.

The Order Defect Rate (ODR) should be below 1%. This rate is measured after merging negative feedback, A-Z claims and service chargeback ratings provided by the customers.

The Cancellation Rate should be below 2.5%

The Late Dispatch Rate should be below 4%

Difference between Suspension and Termination

Slight increase in above mentioned percentage like ODR of 1.2% or 1.3% can suspend your seller account. But, you still have hope as you are granted with an opportunity to submit a plan of action and recover your account. In case, the plan of action sent by you gets rejected, then in that case your account is in the denied stage but you get a chance to submit your plan of action again.

On the contrary, termination happens if there is a drastic increase in the percentage of ODR, cancellation rate and late dispatch rate or if your seller account has been suspended before. Your account is considered as banned if your plan of action has been rejected more than once. In this case, Amazon stops responding to your mails.

“If you are thinking of opening new seller account, then it’s not at all recommended as it is against terms and conditions of Amazon. Your each and every move is under strict supervision by Amazon Investigation Team especially after your account has been suspended.”

How to Reinstate your Amazon Seller Account?

Even after taking all the precautions, if your seller account gets suspended, investigate your entire account and minutely go through each and every ASIN and check whether policy warnings were sent by Amazon in the past or not. Many times, Amazon doesn’t clearly specify the exact reason of the account suspension. You need to find that out by checking your account thoroughly. After that you need to submit an appeal with plan of action keeping in mind, below mentioned important points –

  • You need to take complete responsibility of the mistakes done in the past and assure Amazon that those mistakes would never repeat again.
  • Criticizing Amazon’s product quality measures can harm your appeal so do not do that.
  • In your appeal, you need to ensure Amazon that you will be providing best customer service in future and it’s an honor for you to sell on Amazon.
  • Your plan of action should be based on real facts and findings of your internal account. You are supposed to have complete details in case, the investigators ask for further information.
  • Mention the reasons of the dissatisfaction of your customers ensuring that this negligence won’t happen again in future. For example, if one of your customers has complained about late delivery, you can suggest a solution by becoming a FBA member. This would ensure Amazon that you desire to improve your standards in customer support.

With the above tips, we have seen many of the accounts getting re-instated. So if your account is suspended and you get re-instated, learn from the experience and make sure you don’t have to go through this again. Prevention is indeed better than cure!!!

*Source: Slice Intelligence

  • I was suspended by Amazon and tried many of those appeal services without any success. Now I got a message that my account is permanently shut down and I cannot create a new account. Been trying to find many ways to get back on, but none of them seem to work.

    Would it be recommended to buy a pre-made account from sellers off the Aspkin forums or even Auction Essistance?