Are you getting desired traffic to your Amazon business? If no, then what you need to do is consider becoming an Amazon Featured Merchant. Amazon Featured Merchant status can help you in getting more visibility for your product listings and winning the buy box. Here we will know how –

What is Amazon Featured Merchant?

Both individuals and companies sell through Amazon and take advantage of its already built huge customer database. The online retailers have the option to list themselves as individual sellers or pro merchants depending on the fees they pay to Amazon. The pro sellers pay monthly subscription fees instead of paying fees based on per-item sales. The pro merchants, by the virtue of their performance on certain criteria, can become featured merchants. Although Amazon hasn’t set rules but there are certain guidelines to stand eligible to become a featured merchant.

Benefits of Achieving Amazon Featured Merchant Status

The sellers who have been successful at achieving Featured Merchant Status have more chances of winning the buy box or getting listed in “More Buying Choices Box” on the listing page. The seller for “Buy Box” position is selected by Amazon from the pool of various Amazon Featured Merchants. The featured merchant having best ratings and customer reviews and offering the most reasonable price including shipping is selected for the Buy Box, rest all the featured merchants are listed in “More Buying Choices Box.” Achieving Amazon Featured Merchant status means high visibility of your products giving you an opportunity to sell and earn more.

How to become an Amazon Featured Merchant?

Firstly, you need to be a Pro Merchant on Amazon. You can become one by paying a monthly subscription fee along with order closing and commission fees. If you are selling more than 40 items in a day, it is worth becoming an Amazon Pro Merchant. All you need to do is to follow performance guidelines set by Amazon to become a featured merchant. One thing is for sure – Customer Happiness is the key to become a Featured Merchant on Amazon

The sellers are evaluated on the basis of following criteria:-

  • Order Defect Rate (ODR): If your delivered product has received a negative feedback, the product has been returned due to the defect issue or A to Z guarantee claim has been placed by your customer, then that can be considered as defect in your order. Higher the ODR, less is the chances of being selected as Amazon Featured Merchant.
  • Seller Performance: After receiving the order from customer, if you inform them that the product is not in stock, then that can be considered as poor sales performance. Improve your sales performance by keeping your inventory centralized and updated.
  • Competitive Price: Are you selling your products at lowest price compared to your competitors? If yes, then you can be considered by Amazon Algorithm as its system looks for the lowest price including shipping. Always keep your price competitive and qualify as an Amazon Featured Merchant.
  • Lowest Response Time: Normally it is fine for a seller to respond within 24 hours to the buyers’ complaints and issues. But, if you respond earlier than that, then it would help you in achieving Amazon Featured Merchant Status.
  • Quick Shipping: If you ship your products past 3-4 days than your expected shipping date, then that may cause inconvenience to the customers and Amazon will lower your chances to become Amazon Featured Merchant. Make sure you ship your products on time.
  • Refund Rate: The refund rate is calculated by Amazon by dividing total number of orders by number of orders refunded within a specific period. More the refund rate, less are the chances of becoming Amazon Featured Merchant.

How long does it take to become an Amazon Featured Merchant?

Patience is what you would need to have. Amazon will evaluate at least 3 months data to offer you Featured Merchant Status. Featured Merchants go through a continuous assessment by Amazon and if due to some reason, you happen to lose this position, you can achieve back by again improving your performance as a seller.

The Bottom Line…

As long as you are working hard and using the best practices as defined by Amazon, sooner or later you will become a Featured Merchant. Once you achieve that feat, use it to your advantage and boost your e-commerce business and take it to the whole new level.