With the Valentine’s day just around the corner, online retailers are expecting the sales to boost up and break the record of $19.78 billion sales done last year for Valentine’s day. As per new poll by National Retail Federation – 27% of buyers prefer to buy Valentine gifts online.

Is your store ready to grab the opportunity of increase in sales this Valentine’s day?

If not, then we have listed out some tips which can help you in attracting maximum visitors and increase sales of your online store in this season of love and romance.

List your Products under Valentine’s Day Gift Categories

Selling on Amazon, Ebay and other popular marketplaces? To grab the opportunity of this Valentine season, you need to make sure that your Valentine related products are listed under specific Valentine’s Day Gift Categories. For example, if you are selling a “red lipstick” on Amazon, you need to ensure that it is being listed in the sub categories like “Cosmetics”, “Gifts for Her” etc., falling under “Valentine’s Day Gifts” Category. This would help the customers in finding your products easily and help you taking advantage of this Valentine Season.

Stock Up the Most Popular Items Sold for Valentine’s Day

As per survey done by National Retail Federation, Consumers plan to spend –
• $4.3 billion on jewelry
• $3.8 billion on an evening out
• $2 billion on flowers
• $1.9 billion on clothing
• $1.7 billion on candy
• $1.4 billion on gift cards
• $1 billion on greeting cards

You need to ensure that the entire range of popular Valentine’s day gifts is stocked up with you so that you don’t miss out any sale due to low stock issues.

Keywords Optimization and Digital Marketing to Gain Popularity

To enable product visibility, it becomes necessary to use relevant keywords in the content of your product listings. You can specifically think about what people search for while looking for Valentine gifts like “Valentine Gifts for Wife”, “Valentine Gifts for Boyfriend”, “Valentine Day Flowers”, “Chocolates for Valentine day” and many more such terms. You can implement these terms in your store content and increase traffic on your store.

You can also take help of social networking to advertise your products. Create attractive images of your valentine gifts and post it on Facebook or tweet something very catchy about your products on twitter. This can help you in attracting visitors on your store from social networking platforms too. Similarly, Pinterest can also be of great help to you for popularizing your Valentine gift ideas.

If you are already running campaigns on Google Adwords, you can think of creating an ad specializing in Valentine’s Day Gifts using highly searched keywords.

Send Valentine Themed Emails

Email can be a great way to communicate with your potential buyers and encourage them to buy from your store. Send attractive emails introducing offers and discounts so that your customers can get tempted to buy Valentine’s day gifts displayed on your store.

Offer Product Bundles Relevant to Valentine’s Day

At any time during the year, product bundling and kitting is well known for improving sales. So, to grab the opportunity of increasing sales this Valentine season, you can bundle several valentine related products like chocolates, flowers, soft toys etc. and create attractive bundles to attract the attention of your store visitors. The customers love this convenience of buying products in bundle as they don’t have to browse different categories to find the valentine gift of their choice. Moreover, without reducing costs of your items, you make your customers feel that they are getting high value for the money they are spending.

Last but not the least; you can also offer free shipping or luxury gift packing so that customers prefer to buy products only from your store.

Similar to any other holiday season, Valentine’s day can also be a great opportunity for you to increase popularity of your store and customer loyalty by providing them with quality products and great services. So, just make sure you are putting all your efforts this Valentine season to attract the customers who are passionate about shopping in the name of love.

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  • Richard Meliska

    It’s a little late for valentine’s Day promotions. With the holiday next Tuesday and today already Friday it is near impossible (and cost prohibitive) to get things delivered in time.

    We are already planning for Father’s Day, Golf season and in the middle of Easter selling.