Company Overview

Recognizing the opportunity in the growing online gourmet food ingredients industry, Amit Mitra and his wife started OliveNation in 2008. They wanted to tap into the home-based chefs, bakers and mothers who handle their family’s nutritional requirements. They say that the title itself encompasses their business philosophy: olives, which represent the heart and soul of the Mediterranean palette, and nation, which represents a group of people bound by their love for food.

The Problem:

Right from entering the ecommerce world the customer base grew, so having the right solution to manage the online marketplaces was essential. They found they couldn’t do it without hiring more and more staff, so they went with commercial-of-the-shelf software. The solution, however, wasn’t really a “solution.”

They needed a customized solution that possess following capabilities:

  • Customized Inventory Management: To manage the inventory in way that they should be able to make their custom size products and those sizes and unit conversions should be in sync with the inventory count they are buying from supplier.
  • Multi-Channel Product Management: To have product posted on multiple marketplaces like amazon, eBay, Walmart and Magento webstore that too with different information and different parent child combinations, manageable from a single system.
  • Order management: Order management needed capabilities to handle and monitor all the events starting from sale of an item from the marketplace to tracking info update of an order.
  • Supplier and PO management: To be able to manage all the rates from different suppliers. Automatic purchase of inventory based on sales.

The Solution:

  • Provided an intuitive application with marketplaces wise separate listings to manage all information needed to be on respective marketplaces connected to inventory management, all with automatic inventory management and stock alerts.
  • A separate module for purchase of inventory with all smart automations which can place orders to suppliers based on inventory information.
  • A pick pack ship module for processing of orders starting from picking a product from the warehouse shelf to buying postage for the package. All with smarter algorithms which saves the process from being error prone and makes it cost effective.
  • Implemented Repricer module for the products on the amazon, which changes the prices of products in order to win the buy box. All the price change decisions are being done based on defined strategy.
  • A module to handle all the FBA operation starting from creating intention on seller central to the delivery of goods to Amazon warehouses. Everything integrated with inventory and order management.

Online selling requires a dedicated team and continuous efforts to see effective results. A good team and seamless set of processes are a must for smooth operations. eSellerHub understands this and helps retailers to take their retail business to the next level.


Company Overview

Shop GBPI, specializes in selling novelty products across multiple marketplaces. They have operations that are based out of London, UK and it took them a good 5 years to make their presence felt in the online selling world. Currently ranked amongst the Top 300 sellers on Amazon UK, they recently started selling on Amazon US, Amazon FR, Amazon DE, Amazon ES and Amazon IT. As far as other channels are concerned, they sell on Ebay UK, Ebay US, Etsy US and Rakuten US. They believe in providing the best possible customer service, which is why they never charge the customer a penny for shipping across their product portfolio. However, to support that philosophy they did not have a very robust order fulfillment system in place and felt the pick, pack and ship processes were redundant. This led to Shop GBPI, getting complaints from customers and also earned a series of bad reviews.

Shop GBPI: What we did?

What started from building a basic order fulfillment system, ended up in us making Shop GBPI a full-fledged custom business solution that helped them in growing their business by multiple folds. At eSellerHub we developed solutions keeping in mind the business gaps that Shop GBPI faced on a daily basis.

The solutions we provided them with include:

  • Automating listing processes across multiple marketplaces
  • Auto generating Purchase Orders based on a vendor specific business logic
  • Warehouse mapping to better handle pick, pack and ship processes
  • Advanced Reports and Analytics on Sales, Profits, Marketplace Fees etc.
  • Advanced User Management for tracking warehouse staff progress
  • Customized Repricer for Amazon and Ebay (non-catalog products)

Shop GBPI: The Results

When it comes to results, it is about being patient and Shop GBPI was a master at that.Together, we drafted plans for modules and their usability in their business, which meant that a structured format was followed through out these 2 years to realize the results. With us, Shop GBPI:

  • Started fulfilling over 2000 orders in a day from about 200 that they used to fulfill before coming to us
  • Buy box winning percentage on Amazon UK went from less than 20% to over 44%
  • Started getting more positive reviews and as of now it has a lifetime feedback rating of 93%
  • Went from having a product portfolio of less than a 1000 SKUs to having more than 9000 SKUs in their warehouse
  • Started selling on 5 more marketplaces