The game is changing in the arena of online retail. Amazon is bringing in many changes with its Seller policies and inventory management system. As such, today, it isn’t very easy for the sellers, especially third parties and FBA(Fulfilment by Amazon), to connect with the buyer. Amazon hit the news in March 2017 that they have stopped this communication by giving the buyer an option to “Opt-out of unsolicited messages” in the USA. This policy has further spread to the UK and Japan, too, by January 2018. It is because of spam messages, manipulating customers, and such complaints that are disruptive against their customer-centric policy.

If You Are A Seller, Then You Should Be Worried About This!

One main prediction that being a retailer one ought to be aware of is that Amazon’s FBA policy changes. FBA is simple. You sell it, and Amazon ships it. But the catch is that many Sellers use the warehouse for a very long duration. So while other sellers are getting their second restock in, many others have the old stock sitting still due to slow movement or nil demand. To get rid of this, Amazon has increased the storage fees up to six times the current fees during the fourth quarter. So, Sellers cannot hold on to Amazon’s warehouse forever.

How to Overcome the Difficulties?

Being a new Seller, it isn’t straightforward sometimes to experience the Business to go as planned or as expected initially. One cannot make informed decisions due to the lack of sufficient insights into the market they venture and the demand for a particular product. EsellerHub’s Amazon inventory management software can be of great help. You can build your workflow suitable to manage Amazon inventory management.

Know What To Order And When

EsellerHub’s Amazon inventory management tool can get you insights to estimate the turn over rate, i.e., how soon you sell your product in Amazon inventory. With the correct parameters, you can determine the most selling product, when to place an order and refill stock, update inventory automatically, alert on spoilage, and more. You never have to face an overstock or understock situation ever.

Also, you can reduce inventory costs. You don’t have to deal with a circumstance where you need to pay so much for FBA. Esellerhub’s inventory management tool can also help you prevent or considerably reduce inventory loss.

Manage Your Orders Too!

Esellerhub also provides Amazon orders management tools that can sync all your data regarding your products, descriptions, price, suppliers, and shipping service providers. Once the inventory is lacking a particular or a set of products, Esellerhub’s Amazon orders management tool can automatically raise purchase orders and autofill data. Then you verify the data to proceed. Next step, purchase orders are sent to the respective supplier. Once the order is processed and closed, inventory updation occurs automatically. Likewise, you can generate shipping labels and barcodes.

Esellerhub’s Amazon orders management tool is modular in design so that you can enable or disable features as per your need. Get your own tailor-made Amazon inventory and orders management tool to boost your Business. The best part is you can sync multichannel retail stores into one dashboard and make it more efficient. Call us now at:+1 408 600 0534

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