With Internet users growing each day, e-commerce has seen an unprecedented boom. The popularity of online businesses has been so overwhelming and revolutionary that brands worldwide have had to establish their digital presence to keep up with the evolving customer preferences. While previously, the website or company on popular shopping portals was quite enough to reach out to the target audience, the emergence of multi-channel e-commerce solutions has posed a new threat.

If you haven’t upgraded yourself yet with the help of custom e-commerce software development, it is high time you did. This is because the digital space is being re-defined by multi-channel eCommerce strategies.

Here’s a look at everything you need to know about multi-channel eCommerce and why you should call in for professional services to help you.

What is Multi-Channel eCommerce?

Multi-channel eCommerce involves establishing several exposure channels for your product across the Web. They include marketplace listings, social media platforms, retailer websites and even brick and mortar stores. The idea is to set up sales channels that sync with your existing and potential customers and establish your online presence so that they can view your products at their convenience. This is critical in today’s world if you want to stay ahead of your competition and keep your business profitable. From sourcing high-quality products to using order fulfillment systems to ensure timely delivery and therefore customer satisfaction, multi-channel software development is the future of eCommerce.

Top Channels for Multi-Channel eCommerce Software Development


Amazon is undoubtedly the most popular e-commerce platform across the world. It offers a vast audience and the freedom to sell beyond your current markets as a seller. However, at Amazon, you might have to sign up for options such as Amazon FBA Inventory Software or Fulfillment by Amazon, which are can help ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

So, what is your option in such a situation? You may consider more affordable yet efficient tools by getting custom e-commerce software development support from eSellerHub.


e-Bay is one of the major marketplaces for e-sellers. It offers a broad audience and access to millions of buyers from across the world. From collectables to electronics, e-Bay hosts a wide range of products, making it a popular marketplace for many e-commerce players.

The challenge, however, is the steep and uncertain seller fees that the platform charges. If you are selling products that have a low-profit margin, then eBay may not be the best choice for you. But, if your heart is set on eBay, you can rope in experts for custom e-commerce software development to engage with your target audience without burning a hole in your pocket.


Walmart is one of the biggest names in the retail space. The difference between Walmart and Amazon is that the former has very steep entry criteria for sellers, which means that not any brand can feature on the Walmart platform. Suppose you qualify as per the requirements laid down by the e-commerce giant, you can easily use the Walmart fulfillment services to manage your deliveries more efficiently.


If you are a seller who specializes in handcrafted products, Etsy is the platform you should choose. It is a dedicated platform for trinkets, memorabilia and other handmade items and will put you before the audience you wish to target. However, before you jump onto the platform, make sure you read the Seller’s Policy of Etsy.

Need technical advice on what tool you can use to boost your sales and manage orders better? Reach out to the experts at eSellerHub for custom e-commerce software development to help you boost your sales.

Reach Out for Expert eCommerce Management Software Development

eSellerHub is an amalgamation of an excellent multi-marketplace inventory management software and warehouse management system that empowers online retailers to grow their virtual businesses. Our solutions are tailor-made for every online retailer’s business needs.

To know more about custom e-commerce software development or tools that are similar to Shopify’s fulfillment service or Amazon’s FBA, you can reach out to us at contact@esellerhub.com or +1 408 600 0534. We would be happy to help!

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