Are you selling your products on different marketplaces and can find a single product listed more than once or the duplicate product split over multiple listings? If yes, then you need a product merging tool which can merge your products and display the actual inventory your store has.

The duplication of the products can really drive you nuts if you are selling thousands of products on multiple marketplaces. Thus, merging the products would ease your job and eliminate all the confusion pertaining to different products.

What Does the Product Merging Tool Do?

The product merging tool will grab all your product listings from different marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten etc. and your own e-commerce store and copy them in the centralized system with as much product details possible like SKU, description, color, size, shipping information, category, pictures etc. The best thing about this inventory syncing tool that it updates the inventory list automatically as soon as any product has been added to any of the marketplaces or the product has been sold from any of the marketplaces.

How Does The Product Merging Tool Work?

In Esellerhub, SKU defines the uniqueness of each product. You cannot change the SKU of the product, once it has been uploaded. If you want to change the SKU, you need to delete the product and add it again as a new listing. For example, if you are selling on Amazon, Ebay and your own e-commerce store. Each product has been listed on each store with different details. If the quantity of iPhone 5s (of same configuration) is mentioned as 5 pieces in Amazon, 3 pieces in Ebay and 2 pieces on your e-commerce store. The product merging tool merges the details and quantity and displays as 10 pieces in all the marketplaces and also on the inventory management system. Even if 1 piece of iPhone 5s gets sold through any of the marketplaces, the quantity gets updated automatically in all the marketplaces including the inventory management system. This helps a lot in managing inventory without any errors or mistakes. Whereas, if you try to merge products on excel sheet, it is for sure that it would be very time consuming and tedious job to do.

Why is Product Merging Tool Required?

We very well understand that most of the e-commerce merchants sell on different channels these days. It becomes quite difficult to manage inventory especially if you are selling thousands of products. In that case, the product merging tool helps a lot as it syncs all your products and you can manage them from a single screen. You don’t have to login on different marketplaces to check the inventory sold, returned or in stock. Just login to your cloud based product merging tool from anywhere using any device and you get the complete information about your inventory. Moreover, you don’t have to add the products manually in each and every marketplace. Just add it in your inventory management system and it gets updated in all the marketplaces. So, this will make your task of inventory management quite easy and quick so that you can concentrate on other important matters like customer service, advertising etc.

Key Features of an Inventory Syncing Tool

  • Cloud based software and so runs 24/7
  • Updates inventory every 15 minutes to keep all the products in sync on all the marketplaces
  • Simple and User Friendly Interface
  • Manage inventory levels based on supplier, categories and location
  • It provides the accurate information relating to the exact number of quantity of each product
  • Transfer stocks on different locations or marketplaces
  • Provides complete reports relating to inventory which helps in taking future decisions.


So, boost your profits by overcoming the biggest challenge of multi-channel retail business and that is product syncing. After using E-Seller Hub, you would not even like to imagine that you are using an excel sheet for product syncing in various marketplaces. Buy a product syncing tool and manage your e-commerce business without any stress.

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