Selling a couple of products on eBay may not pose any severe inventory management issue. Say you wish to sell one designer coat. You list it on eBay, and afterward, you have no designer coat to sell. However, when it comes to using eBay for your business as an extensive sales channel handling inventory can be much more complicated.

Here, we will walk you through the complexities that you may face when it comes to managing inventory and ways to overcome them.

Challenges in eBay Inventory Management

eBay Inventory Management

Some of the distinctive eBay inventory management challenges are as follows:

  • eBay can withhold your money in case of any legitimacy claims on a customer’s transaction until further investigation and resolving.
  • You may be unable to make payments to a supplier for fresh inventory due to cash withholding.
  • Like in the case of selling an item that is not present in the stock, Mismanaged inventory has more significant implications on eBay.
  • Selling out of stock products can lead to unhappy and disappointed customers, leading to a couple of negative ratings. You may lose your “top seller” rating, and eBay holds your money.
  • Margins can fluctuate and may not have a fixed price always. Even if products are sold fixed prices, it has to be adjusted periodically to be competitive. It may cause your margins to fluctuate, and so keeping an eye on the cost of your inventory is essential.

When Selling on other Marketplaces Than Just eBay

When selling on other marketplaces than just eBay

Selling on eBay by itself is challenging enough. Having a website presence or selling on Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, etc., can give you a headache if not managed properly with a Custom Inventory Management Software.

Handling inventory and sales in multiple sales channels may expose you to various rules and product data requirements for each sales channel. The prices are different for different quantities, from several places ransacking into your inventory. It may even lead to selling an item that you don’t have in your stock.

Overcoming Inventory Management Challenges

As luck would have it, there are specific strategies to overcome a few of the inventory management challenges posed by eBay.

  • eBay Listing Software

Software like eSellerhub’s eBay Inventory Management can help you streamline your eBay listings and manage inventory in a single dashboard. Efficient listing counts more than handling the transaction of a sale. Nevertheless, making eBay Inventory Management software, a part of your business can quickly free up and handle inventory, shipping, and customer communication more effectively.

  • Multichannel Integration

Multichannel integration solution lets you control any digital integration with eBay, without restricting you to eBay or building it from scratch. A powerful multichannel integration solution should be capable of integrating with your website, your entire marketplace accounts, ERP, and even the POS systems. It is like a central area that keeps everything in sync.

Most importantly, it keeps your inventory from multiple sales channels in sync, and you get real-time stock updates.

  • eBay’s Large Merchant Services API

eBay describes their Large Merchant Services API to help a Seller’s application transmit massive inventory volumes to the eBay site. It also helps to download single and multiple line order information of any item. These services are designed for a large volume merchant and enhance the workflow by leveraging eBay infrastructure to utilize parallel execution and automatically retry errors.

So, it is a handy interface that permits you to integrate your own software with eBay.

Using eBay’s API, you can integrate eSellerhub’s eBay inventory management software and list all information into your customer and supply chain management systems. Having integrated your data, setting up manual and programmed business rules on managing inventory issues will be like a piece of cake.

Final thoughts

So, as we advance, having a useful eBay inventory management software seems to be a plus side for both small scale sellers as well as large volume sellers. If your workflow is unique, you can very well go for custom inventory management software.

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