Fulfillment is the one thing that all online sellers concentrate more. After setting up the Amazon seller account, the sellers get ready for their first order. But then, what if you’re lucky and your first order is a hundred in quantity from the same region! The product inventory is unorganized over several warehouses; you lack enough staff to fulfill the orders. What’s worse, the product listing on Amazon displays next day delivery; not feeling lucky after all.

A practical solution at this moment is needed. Dealing with employees, putting the extra hours, packaging, printers to print bulk labels leaves you in a tough situation. If the shipping partner doesn’t support same-day delivery, then most customers tend to cancel a delayed shipment order.

Your reputation as an Amazon seller is at stake. The overhead costs increase, to find a shipping company in your location, which delivers on the same day and paying more than you have to. Although fulfillment is essential, so is the fulfillment cost.

To keep fulfillment costs in check, here is what you can do

  • Manage Multiple-warehouses

    It cuts down the shipping costs by bringing your products closer to population concentrations that generate high-demand. It also reduces transportation costs.

  • Inventory Management Software

    There only two reasons the inventory management software can ever fail you about the falling profits due to high fulfillment costs. It is either your staff’s lack of training in the inventory management software or your inventory management software doesn’t meet your requirement and needs an update.

Why Go for Custom Inventory Management Software?

Good inventory management software should be designed according to your business need and not the other way around. It should be capable of raising the alarm when required. The primary purpose of custom inventory management software is to

  • lower costs by triggering user actions
  • provide actionable insights to operators
  • raise a warning before a situation becomes unmanageable
  • predict demand for every product
  • facilitate every aspect of product fulfillment from accepting delivering orders
  • streamline the process and display the entire data in a single place
  • provide and process the real-time data
  • Provide necessary analytics, project demand curves, run actionable insights
  • Provide measures to better your current process.

Fulfillment challenges double during the Holiday Season

Custom Inventory Management Software

With every holiday season, eCommerce retailers make it a priority for the holiday shoppers to trust their on-time delivery of each product. Today’s complicated, and multi-channel landscape, has made retailers look for a competitive edge to lower costs and increase sales. There are specific steps to keep your sales grow faster while maintaining customer satisfaction.

  • Gel up and communicate with your 3PL fulfillment partners to increase efficiency
  • Scale up your distribution process and fulfillment by at least 30% during the holidays
  • Set a realistic expectation for your customers on estimated delivery dates and shipping fees of your product.
  • Automate processes to Reduce redundancy and returns, save time and cost
  • Provide hassle-free positive returns experience for customers
  • Review inventory and Market overstock items strategically
  • Anticipate and be prepared

How eSellerHub’s Custom Inventory Management Solutions Reduce Fulfillment Costs?

How eSellerHub's Custom Inventory Management Solutions Reduce Fulfillment Costs?

A comprehensive custom inventory management software should be capable of bringing down your fulfillment costs significantly by

  • streamlining the underlying processes,
  • abandoning redundant processes,
  • presenting smart predictions,
  • automating various aspects of fulfillment to reduce labor costs
  • forecasting demand and keeping inventory costs in check
  • giving a clear picture of what is not working for your business.


Order fulfillment and shipping are the determinants for gaining or losing potential customers. So wait for no further to plan inventory and optimize order fulfillment for your e-commerce success. To sum it up, make the use of customized inventory and order management system to streamline the entire activities in just a few clicks.

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