What’s more essential for any eCommerce business than building a market place and maintaining a good rapport with sellers? It’s fulfilling orders without any delay. Businesses are making it possible through the fulfillment services network.

Walmart’s recently enabled the Walmart fulfillment service that offers select sellers access to its supply chain features. It includes storage, pickup, packaging, and shipping, returns handling customer service. Walmart’s order fulfillment system benefits the sellers by offering this service at a lower cost of storing and shipping goods. They also claim that their cost is comparatively lesser than other companies. The customers enjoy the benefits of gaining exposure to a wide variety of brands to choose from. In addition to that, the returns process is more straightforward, and shipping is faster than they would have experienced.

In consolidation, the plus point of going forward with Walmart order fulfillment services are as follows.

Competitive Pricing

The order fulfillment system’s pricing for the sellers is transparent. You can track inventory, orders, and shipping status too. The sellers can access their storage facilities at the lowest cost available in the market. The services are seamless and easy to use, and the fulfillment fee comes without the need to settle in with a monthly membership fee for sellers.

Safety and Fast Shipping

Participating sellers who make use of Walmart order fulfillment service can access all the fulfillment options, which also include a two-day shipping service. Send your inventory to Walmart fulfillment centers, and they are stored securely.

Huge Brand Options to Choose

Customers can gain access to an expansive collection of branded merchandise like Thorne, Leatherman Tools, and many more. Also, they provide fast shipping service, easy returns, and dedicated customer service.

Trusted Partnership

Walmart had mentioned earlier that their Walmart Fulfillment services are built with sellers for sellers. It provides novice sellers the chance to implement their strategic path at the beginning of their business initiation. To enhance the quality of service and to ensure the trust factor, Walmart has a set of requirements that have to be met by the sellers to be deemed as viable sellers.

By introducing Walmart order fulfillment services, Walmart is entering the competition with another retail behemoth, Amazon – Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). With the rise and fall of various eCommerce businesses, there is a constant run recently as smaller sellers have realized the importance of the order fulfillment system. Meeting this pain point allows them to enjoy a constant spot in the market place. While Walmart promises both service and speed, it is sure to make a positive impact on every business.

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