Every Amazon merchant is always on the lookout for the next best product to sell if it is a high-potential in-demand item that no seller has explored yet, the better. In this article, we will cover the Amazon seller tools that help source new profitable products. Having a profitable-product sourcing tool helps keep the process running at all times will heighten your chances of identifying the next best product.

Common Expectations of a Profitable-product Sourcing Software

The most common requirement from Sellers is that they would like to have complete visibility of their products, inventory, and profitability.

  • Data reliability is essential, and it should be capable of fetching Amazon sales data to find products that possess a good sales opportunity swiftly.
  • Sellers should be able to review prices and receive updates on products that they may be eyeing to add to their inventory
  • Sellers should be able to search products from their sales data, existing sellers and identify similar items to sell that has a good scope
  • It should concentrate on Fulfillment by Amazon sellers
  • It should provide an organized dashboard where sellers can easily do the research and view the products to sell and reorder.
  • The ability to track specific products or in bulk for prices on Amazon or other sales channels
  • Integration with your online business becomes seamless if the product-sourcing tool is accessible as a web application and Google Chrome extension. 
  • Profitable product sourcing tools that provide analytics on your Amazon store are an added advantage.
  • Having an inbuilt keyword tool for identifying profitable long-tail keywords on Amazon, find profitable products and niches, data on search volume, cost-per-click, and competition. 

How to Choose the Best Tool for Your Business?

We understand that every business is different. The strategy, workflow, operations, products, fulfillment method, shipping services, etc., are never the same. So going for the right tool for your eCommerce business means understanding the variances between each and how they can assist you in detecting the products to sell.

Not every tool performs the same, and particular tools work even well when used together with other tools. Only you know what’s best suitable for your business. If you are skeptical, you can go ahead with expert guidance. 

Our expert panel can guide you on careful analysis of your business and in choosing the right tool. Also, you can gather valuable insights on how a customizable tool can better benefit your business and ease your operations. While using plug-and-play tools, you will have to make adjustments according to the tool. But a tailor-made tool will work according to your workflow, thus making work more accessible, saving time and money. 

Can I Get Customized Profitable Products Tools?

Yes, you can get customized features according to your business needs. These tools are developed accordingly to make learning simple, user-friendly and allow the sellers to get a full view of their products, inventory, or even their profitability status, all in a single dashboard. 

For instance, when Sellers wish to view their costs, the in-stock quantity, the measure of products in transit, quantity sold, type of fulfillment, total profit, number of competitors, Average Buy Box share price, etc., and many more features. You can also see the status of the SKUs, whether they are archived, deleted, or in an inactive state.

Also, the Sellers can add a tag to products effortlessly, for example, like the manufacturer’s name. So, when a search is initiated based on that particular manufacturer’s name tag, every product in your inventory will appear in the search results. Sellers can also do Column-wise search according to your needs. If you wish to view the profits made by the products in your inventory, simply click on the customized ‘Profit’ tab. It will organize all your products in the order of highest to lowest profitable. 

You can build software that helps generate niche keywords, analyze popular products or best-sellers, and discover top-performing drop-ship products. Sellers can understand the prevailing competitive landscape for particular products and view sales history for seasonal sales trends.

We have a talented pool of developers who can render the services far more than your expectations. You can develop a turnkey project with us or also hire developers for your project. To know more or to get a free quote to reach our experts now!

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