There are bountiful features present in every Seller Central account on Amazon. There are several options available for customizing listings, data analyses, Amazon inventory management, and extending your brand awareness. It is feature-filled, and the sad part is that not many U.S. brand sellers are making full use of them for their business growth. That is why we would like to cover the Brand Dashboard and help you fasten up your brand reach.

The Amazon Brand Dashboard is present over on the left-hand side when you log into Log your Seller Central account. You can see a section named Brand Health, which has a link below entitled “View Brand Dashboard.” Clicking that can open a wide variety of information to give you extra support.

Detail Page Completion

It notifies the listings that do not have product descriptions. It is essential for brands with high SKUs as they can easily miss out on the details.

Search Term Optimization

Amazon Headline Search Ads

It notifies whether your product listings utilize at least 90% of their assigned keywords with unique, value-added ones. It ensures that no keywords or characters are unused on your listing. It is crucial to check whether all your product titles are fully optimized for the whole listing, so that way, you’re not spending in vain.

Customer Reviews

Reviews are very important for sellers. Not only the review counts, but also staying ahead of any negative feedback is crucial. The dashboard displays the recent reviews information and product ratings that are less than 3-Stars. The best part is that you can reply to the reviews from within the dashboard itself.


If there are listings with no sponsored ads, then the Sponsored Ads Adoption feature brings to your attention that some of the listings are unattended. It is a common occurrence when there are large volume brands where certain products get neglected than others. It ascertains that your entire listings are monitored.

New Product Optimizer

This feature ensures that any new product, which is Brand Registered and on Amazon, that product will be registered automatically into the New Product Optimizer. Amazon offers it for 60-days. This feature fundamentally lets you explore the possible opportunities for your new product. It also increases the chances of product exposure and aids in a strong launch.

Some of its noteworthy benefits are:

  • Backs building your brand on Amazon
  • Addresses potential improvement areas for your products
  • Manage customer reviews and improve the customer satisfaction level
  • Utilize data to make campaign alterations and save PPC budget
  • Keep a check on overall brand health, traffic, and conversions
  • Extends brand awareness and provides potential opportunities

This advanced Amazon Brand Dashboard has incredible things to offer and help sellers to see what is being missed out and make full use of it. The Brand Benefits tab can assist in learning about the extra features. It can help you get recognized as a registered brand seller and propel your brand-building strategies to the following level.

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