Inventory management software is software used for keeping a track of the inventory levels, sales, orders, and deliveries. It is also used in the manufacturing industry for making bills of materials, creating a work order and other production-oriented documents. It is a tool for maintaining the inventory data which was earlier recorded on spreadsheets in a hard copy form.

The software is implemented in order to reduce the carrying cost of any company. It also tracks its products as they are transported from seller to the warehouse and then from the warehouse to the retailer or a customer. It also helps to maintain a balance between too much and too less inventory. It also reduces the product spoilage.

The rise of the internet has led to the increase in the e-commerce business. The inventory management software helps the small and medium-sized businesses to sell on multiple channels. It integrates the inventory, listings, sales orders and shipping needs in one location.

Amazon is one of the worlds’ largest online retailers. It has rigid guidelines. It is easy to suspend your store on Amazon but very difficult to get re-establish it. In order to stand out in the competitive e-commerce market, you ought to opt for these automated tools that help you keep pace. For this, there are numerous software companies which help you manage your pricing strategy and provide numerous tools that simplify the Amazon inventory management.

A systematic listing of your products:

With the help of the Amazon inventory management software, your products can be listed on Amazon as well as on other markets in a systematic manner. You just need to list the product once and then automatically it will get updated on multiple markets you want to sell your products on. This saves your time, energy and manpower which can further be utilized in strategizing other customer support areas and designing marketing strategies which will benefit your business.

Automatic updating of inventory:

The amazon inventory management software updates your inventory automatically. It is designed as a comprehensive software for the e-commerce sellers. Whenever you sell a product or if it’s returned or exchanged it gets updated automatically. It does not involve manpower to perform this task. It works continuously like the online store 24/7. With this, you are able to provide your customers with accurate information on your inventory and so you can avoid stock out situations or overselling of the product.

Tracking of products in the warehouse

The amazon inventory management software also keeps a track of your products stored in the warehouse. Therefore, it becomes easy to get the products when you receive an order. This enables you to provide quick delivery to the customers and enable them to have a comfortable shopping experience.

Single dashboard control

Whether you are selling on Amazon or any other channel like Walmart, eBay, Rakuten, Sears, etc. you can now control or manage the sales process of each channel or market from a single dashboard. This enables you to rectify any errors or mistakes that you find have taken place in your online selling business. It syncs the inventory for multiple channels sales, purchase orders or even shipping.

Accessibility to performance reports

After the day’s work you would like to know the performance of your business in terms of sales and profit. The inventory management software makes available an in-depth performance report of your business which helps you to analyze your current situation and to take a smart decision in future.

Benefits of Amazon Inventory Management Software

  • By making use of the Amazon Inventory management software the customers will notice a growth in their sales and this will result in the increase in your bottom line.
  • One can also focus on creating a great product, not lose a sale from sudden sell out from the stocks. It will also give you ease to expand to other markets.
  • It is comprehensive i.e. it has the all-around managing capability that handles warehousing, invoices, and other daily activities.
  • It integrates the inventory with the ERP and accounting system avoiding any repetition of tasks.
  • It also supports other sales channels like mobile commerce app, commerce store, retail store, etc. which reduces time and effort.
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