The e-commerce giant, Amazon, is known for not just meeting consumer expectations, but also for transforming the entire retail industry. Its supply chain operations also innovative, and here’s an insight into the kind of improvisations for its supply chain and advanced Amazon inventory management.

Possess own Warehouse

Many retailers don’t have warehouses, and they store a majority of their products in a rental or leased warehouse space. Third-party logistics companies fulfill orders to customers or the companies’ retail stores. Thus a third party handles the Warehouse and inventory management.

Whereas Amazon manages its own storage space and thus, managing the items that sell on its platform. According to its latest annual report, Amazon holds 288 million square feet of space inclusive of warehouse space. Two-thirds of this space is present in North America.

Solution for Speedy Delivery

Solution for Speedy Delivery
The main focus of Amazon is to reduce its delivery times in all ways possible. Most Amazon users are used to two-day delivery while some areas even have access to same-day delivery, which gives physical retailers a run for their money.

While other e-commerce retailers struggle with fast shipping, Amazon pulls it off by always investing in transportation and warehouse management. Quick delivery has become a unique selling point of Amazon and thus delivering the best customer experience possible. Another critical point is finding the right items within the Warehouse, which Amazon does it flawlessly.

Investing in Digital Technology

Amazon warehouses are feature-filled. They use barcode scanners, a near-constant cycle of order processing, item picking, and shipping. All these processes are automated to get greater visibility into asset dispositions and shipping needs at any given time. Digital technologies have replaced barcode scanners to advance their operations to the specific needs of employees and partners in every perspective.

It has evolved into a fully digital warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment network that moves goods between locations with incredible efficiency. Going digital has set the foundation for flexible, fast-moving operations.

Distributing Warehouses in Various Locations

The company is also approaching physical retail stores so that they can have the goods at a closer proximity to deliver customers swiftly. Amazon Locker facility makes it possible to transfer items to locations where users can collect the items conveniently. These strategical steps are transforming the idea of Amazon fulfillment center management.

Instead of processing the order in a central warehouse and then commencing to ship, Amazon groups the Warehouse and the order. By this grouping method, it identifies the location and determines the practical path to accelerate the order delivery. With the help of mobile data collection and real-time integration with the backend system, information sharing across geographically distributed locations is possible.

It is challenging to transform your inventory processes. Before you can start solving problems with inventory management, first you need to identify the why’s and where’s of the issues that you face. With an efficient and custom-designed Amazon inventory management system, you can keep pace with the changing needs in customer expectations. Reach out to us now for custom inventory management software development in the USA: +1 408 600 0534

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