The word is Consolidation. There are a couple of scenarios under which this word might hold utmost importance for you when trying to manage inventory across multiple marketplaces. First, is a scenario where in you are selling on a single marketplace and inventory management is already getting difficult for you that it is almost impossible for you to think about selling on an another marketplace. Second, is a scenario where in somehow you manage to start selling on multiple marketplaces, but the processes are too messy for you to efficiently manage inventory across these marketplaces.Multiple Marketplace

Under both these scenarios, the question that crops up is how to manage inventory efficiently and still focus more on expanding the business? With E-Seller-Hub, inventory management for multiple marketplaces is done smartly. What we do is, we consolidate all marketplaces into a single screen. In other words, whether it is about managing orders or listing products on multiple marketplaces at once, it can all be done from a single place. This is the power that E-Seller-Hub possesses. But the question is, how do we at E-Seller-Hub make inventory management for multiple marketplaces possible?Inventory management

This is handled through the APIs that the respective marketplaces give us access to. An API is like a bridge where in information gets sent and received continuously. We make use of these bridges when giving you information about all your unshipped orders or even when you want to list your products at once. Again, every marketplace has its own unique way of handling these order and inventory processes, and to manage those individually is an extremely difficult task. It becomes all the more complex when your online business grows by the coming day. Hence, the need for an inventory tracking software that take care of the dirty admin work for you so that you can focus more growing your online retail business

.Multiple Marketplace 1

What we at E-Seller-Hub do is, we take the redundant tasks out of your warehouse and inventory management processes and consolidate every single marketplace into a fixed format. In other words, if you want to list a product on amazon, ebay, jet and magento website, you only have to list at any of these given marketplaces and it will get posted everywhere else at the click of a button. This is what we specialize in. We make your business processes efficient and develop a software that compliments your business logic.

Right from warehouse management to managing orders and suppliers, E-Seller-Hub is a stock management software that aims at becoming a perfect fit for your online business needs and eventually making you more money.

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