Off the shelf applications are always a default solution for the business automation even when they are clearly not efficient or focused. As technology innovation is moving at breakneck speed, it is difficult to maintain all type of software that you need internally.

“Software eats the world”, hence it becomes crucial to answer following questions before opting for the default solution.

  • Is the need more universal, or limited to a few team members or customers – what is the full scope of problem to be addressed?
  • How complex must the solution be to meet your needs? Is there a “minimalistic” option that should work?
  • How many continue to use these solutions long after they no longer “fit their needs”?
  • What are the risks involved? What opportunities are you missing by not considering a move to a custom software?

Once you’ve answered these questions, it might strike you the importance of custom software development. Let’s drill down the benefits on each route.

  • Custom Solution can be more “natural” fit

It provides you the opportunity to streamline and do the things in “right way” instead of simply automating an existing system of tunnels and dead ends. Some loop holes will never be understood until the application is put in front of users, a way to break new ground and open horizons. Properly designed custom software can be extendable and flexible over time. For instance: your customers are always pleased by being able to see status of the reports without requesting reports as you would provide them routes to track progress transparently. Customers certainly seek for flexibility options and if your canned software doesn’t address – everything is in vain. It is always good to inculcate “nice to have” features which enables the users to streamlined direct approach and learn what is beneficial to them.

  • Existing solution may meet the majority of your need at the initial stage only

This is undoubtedly factual and in several business areas, this is sufficient. Do you actually want to deal with accounting or personnel issues over such influence and changes in the regulatory landscape? For most business, this is not a route that merits the effort. In other scenarios, the solution that is proper today might not scale or continue to advance in the similar way as your requirements over time. Most business does not have adequate influence to set product directions for the SaaS and OTS applications they use. Your size and business maturity are significant issues to mull over. You may not have understood your needs – yet. If that is case, then how much you invest now is a serious concern.

  • Custom Solution always addresses minimum issues

As the tailor-made application is crafted to cater the needs of your business right from the scratch, least complexities arises compared to ready-made canned application. It requires less time to learn and is easy to use and features the parts that only your business needs. Also, you can modify custom application according to the work of each section in the business which also makes it easier for the employees to use it without any interface problem. Additionally, using instant application is prone to risk for your business as many other companies use it too and can be hacked within minutes. On the contrary, custom software is difficult to crack. It also refrain your competitors to sneak into your data and files and can ensure your safety.

  • Data portability and integration may not be an issue now but what about the future?

If your requirements are partial, if you don’t have multiple core applications, this may not be an issue. But as you scale, grow and find the call for bringing in other applications or shift to another solution, what about your data? Shifting and organizing data between applications may be possible using application program interfaces (APIs) and web services but what about when you outgrow a canned solution and need to move to something else? Even if you can mine your data without supplementary costs, what will it cost to alter it to the structure of another application or suite of applications? There can be unpleasant surprises in data migration between proprietary applications.

In a nutshell, custom software always help to scale your company by increasing productivity, enables to gain competitive advantage and is prone towards faster reaction time. At eSellerHub, we not only cater your custom development needs but also amalgamate profound knowledge of your company and application requirements with scalable and affordable service.

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