Every company needs to document the purchases. It might not be a big deal at start, but as the days pass and the company grows big, it won’t be easy to account. Referring to a product purchased long ago becomes difficult to reorder or to claim warranty for damage issues unless documented. Manual order entry is always hectic and is a waste of time, energy, resources. It is the Blackhole of any organization as it sucks up a significant amount of cash. Get rid of potential setbacks with esSellerHub’s Purchase Order Automation. eSellerHub’s order management can help you fully digitalize and design a workflow according to your requirements.

Why should any concern small, medium, or multimillion-dollar companies go for an automated order system?

Let’s take a look at the difference in the workflow of a company that follows traditional methods and purchase order automation.

In a manual purchase order system, the employee decides to place an order with the supplier. He quickly finds an online Purchase order (PO) format from the internet and hastily fills in the details. He carries it to the accounts desk. Accounts personnel reviews and finds few data is missing or unclear due to illegible handwriting. The half-filled PO goes back to the employee, and he then fills in the missing data. Again a second trip to the Accounts department is needed. A second review is done and is OK’d. Employee takes it to his Boss, who is busy in a meeting and so he places the PO on her desk. Meetings get delayed, or she forgets keeping it aside. For days the PO will sleep on the Boss’s table, and the supplier will call back to get confirmation on order.

In Purchase Order automation software, the employee can log on to the corporate order management system, click on generate new PO and fill in the data. He will receive a prompt to fill in all the mandatory sections before he can send it to the Accounts department. The accounts personnel receives a mail notification, which he reviews and approves. The PO is then automatically sent to the Boss. She has to click on the email link, review PO, and give final approval. As simple as that! A recurring notification will be sent to her until the task is over. The entire process happens in a couple of hours.

Several reasons to mitigate to avoid incurring losses due to manual Purchase order are:

  • Documentation errors -missing info, wrong entry, unable to decode handwriting
  • Supplier-side blunders – sending the incorrect item, sending more or less than the required number of items, payment value mixup, delivery to the wrong address
  • Cost factor – productivity, storage cost, miscellaneous like electricity and stationery
  • Natural Disaster – Paper does not survive a fire or flood, whereas cloud storage of your automated data can.
  • Legislation compliance – with no idea of where your records are, sorting through files, the following regulations will be painstaking for your Finance department.
  • Sustainability – needs more physical storage and investment, leaves behind carbon footprint

Streamlining a system can drastically improve the current situation and help it to function smoothly. Having a record of the requirement placed will help a lot in sorting out these problems quickly.

We all know that time is money, and it is wise to spend your time where it is most impactful for your business. By fully automating your current process with eSellerHub, you can speed up your process, ensure its accuracy. This one-time investment can cut down considerably on frustration! Get your own customized and automated Purchase order management software now! Contact us for free demo and quote. You can also Call us on:+1 408 600 0534

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is PO required?
Purchase orders let buyers effectively communicate their intents to sellers. It also helps a purchasing agent to handle incoming and pending orders. In case of a buyer’s refusal to pay for goods or services, POs are proof of record.

How can a purchase order automation system help businesses?
Streamlining a system can improve the present situation and uplift the business by enabling it to function smoothly. With the requirement records in place, it will save more time by solving the problems quickly.

Can we create a custom purchase order format with eSellerhub’s purchase order automation software?
Yes. In eSellerhub’s Purchase Order automation software, the employee can set custom requirements, generate new PO, and fill in the data.

What could be the possible benefits of Purchase order automation?
Purchase order automation increase the efficiency of the process cuts down on expenditure, reduces human error, provides more visibility into processes, and offers a high level of flexibility and control.

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