Do you have real time intelligent insights about how your online business is performing? Do you know how important data about your business performance can drive your business? Have you ever gone out of stock and have not been able to fulfill orders? Have your ever had bulk quantities of a product lying in a corner of your warehouse? Have you ever faced ambiguity when managing your online business?

With E-Seller- Hub, you can get real time information about your business. Reports on your Sales Summary, Gross Profit, Top Selling Products and Product Sourcing will eventually help you in taking smart informed decisions that would benefit your business.

When it comes to selling online, the task of reporting and analytics is as important as the use of an umbrella when it is raining.

“In a report by Smart Insights, it has been mentioned that in 2015 Americans had spent $226 billion on online shopping and it has been predicted that they are going to spend $326 billion in 2016. This means that there is going to be 45% rise in online shopping in America this year.”

Considering the fact, that it is a highly competitive and growing industry, it is safe to assume that these types of business challenges will increase exponentially.

How Can Reporting and Analytics Help?

How Can Reporting and Analytics Help?

In any E-Commerce business, managers take several decisions that drive the business forward. What if these managers can take business decisions that are backed up by solid data analytics and insights? Imagine you had answers to questions like:

  • What was the total sale through each marketplace?
  • What products sell more at what time of the year?
  • What are the least selling products across various time periods?
  • What products are soon going to be out of stock?
  • What products should you source next from your supplier and in what quantity?

A lot of these questions can be answered through accurate reports and analytical data. If you are managing a brick & mortar store, you can personally meet your customers, talk to them and try to know their buying behavior.

But, when it comes to conducting an online business all you have is business reports to get this information and execute your ideas accordingly. Insights gained through these reports can help you in analyzing, which sales strategies are working and which ones are not. So, this gives you a chance of improvising your sales strategies in future resulting in growth of your online business.

How to Get Most Out of Reports & Analytics?

How to Get Most Out of Reports & Analytics?

Again having huge stacks and sheets of data can make decision-making all the more difficult. Every business is different and what may work for someone else, may not work for you. Hence it is very important to consider data that can help your business specifically.

We at E-Seller-Hub specialize in making custom bespoke solutions that are tailor made for your business needs. Your business logic is what drives this system. So we’ll only make things that would help you take better business decisions and in turn expand your business.

Having said that, getting access to actionable date is a job half done. The actions you take based on that data is what is going to help you drive your business. As you would know, it is a buyer driven market out there, so keeping a constant tab on your online business becomes all the more important.

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