Inventory management is a crucial feature of any eCommerce business, and one of the significant segments that Shopify offers is the support it provides to its merchants with inventory management. It is observed that eCommerce businesses that don’t create solid grounds for tracking and precisely reflecting the inventory availability of their online stores can crash into quite a lot of problems.

Importance Of Shopify Inventory Management

Shopify’s inventory management offers the necessary features required for all brands and sizes to operate a retail business smoothly. Inventory management provides valuable insights into the following:

  • Having a clear and organized inventory
  • Customer behaviors and preferences
  • Financial performance and overall profitability
  • Business opportunities and new product ideas
  • Consumer interests and buying trends
  • Reduction in the total inventory costs enhances fulfillment and makes way for superior customer service.
  • Supports business expansion and manages multichannel marketing practices

Though many brands are going forward and deciding on Shopify as their eCommerce platform, there are some benefits and challenges that one might encounter while using it as your inventory management software.


Shopify Inventory Management


When the focus is on inventory control and tracking for any business owner irrespective of the business extent, Shopify does the job of quick set up and running. Some of the main features of native inventory management in Shopify take account of:

    • Inventory Tracking On Separate Listings

      You can set up individual listings and organize each product by category, type, and more. Manual adjustment of the inventory field can be made.

    • Product Variants

      All brands can centrally handle individual product variations in one place, like the various sizes and colors that the product is available. You can also modify the SKU, rate, mass, and inventory number for every single variation.

    • Updates On Bulk Inventory

      Bulk inventory updates and adjustments are provided in spreadsheets, and it can be imported in bulk.

  • Updates on Bulk inventory

Bulk inventory updates and adjustments are provided in spreadsheets, and it can be imported in bulk.

  • Inventory Transfers

    You can record, track, and accept transfers among the warehouse locations and the suppliers.

  • Inventory history

    You can review the inventory history of any product for any particular period. It carries all the vital information on your product history, changes or adjustments made, and the date and time of quantity updations.


Some brands have complex workflows. So, some of the Shopify’s inventory tracking functionality could pose a handful of challenges. Companies that incorporate a strategic approach may require extra features beyond what is available on the platform.

There may arise some unique requirements for businesses with multichannel and multiple warehouses to scale up effectively. It includes in-depth supply chain management, automation, and clear workflow visibility.

Any particular business selling products across various channels that has difficulty integrating with Shopify requires manual multichannel inventory management set up. It should link both Shopify as well as other channels. It can often be a tedious and time-consuming process. It can cause inconsistencies in inventory levels across the various channels.


eSellerhub’s Shopify inventory management software offers several features that can make your inventory handling hassle-free. It enables you to sell seamlessly through multiple channels, manage and update inventory automatically, set up notifications and reminders, and many more. It also makes Shopify automatic fulfillment much easier for merchants.

eSellerhub’s inventory management software bridges the gaps with its advanced inventory control features and ease of integration. To get your customized Shopify inventory management, reach to our experts with your requirements to

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