Order fulfillment or order management system involves every step taken by a business or organization, from receiving an order to delivering it to the customer. This is the fundamental way that each organization responds to and ultimately fills an order.

What is the Order Processing System?

What is the order processing system?
The order processing system captures all critical data concerning a customer and the order. The order processing systems are classified into two types.

Traditional Processing System: It is a manual system of order processing, and it deals with handwritten documents and manual filing systems. Orders are written in a log, sent to the person responsible for filling it. Several copies of the order, with the product, are sent to the delivery person who delivers to the customer. One individual may fulfill one or all activities in the case of a small company.

Technological Processing System: It makes use of technology and would start with orders being placed online through a website. Various order fulfillment software is available for businesses to gather and record the ordering data. The order would be automatically updated and sent to the manufacturer or warehouse, where packing and shipping will occur. Returns handling through an online system will also be managed with software specifically designed and developed for this purpose.

The Important Steps in the Order Fulfillment Process

Order processing fulfillment involves six crucial steps, they are:

  • Taking the Order – Orders could be taken up by phone, EDI, in person, or through an online buying process. Orders that are taken manually need to be updated correctly into an online system or forwarded to the correct department for further processing. Completely automated orders will be updated by the software services and maintained regularly.
  • Processing the Order – After the orders are submitted, the process begins by fetching from the inventory where the items are stored and are ready for fulfillment. Order fulfillment software should be integrated smoothly into the shopping cart. Customers are often made to know about the order status, which lets them see that their online order has been placed and is getting processed. It may provide the estimated time of arrival to the customer for the product items they ordered. The updates will be provided periodically until the third-party delivery process offers them the best possible stress-free order fulfillment experience.
  • Picking Inventory – Whether your inventory is located on-site or elsewhere, a 3pl can efficiently accommodate every client, product, and fulfillment order type as per their picking methodologies. It includes cluster picking, batch picking, and zone-wise picking.
  • Preparing for Shipping – The inventory preparation process includes weighing, packaging, and labeling the ordered items before commencing the actual shipping services. The type of product ordered and being shipped will regulate the processes involved in preparing for the item delivery. Perishable or fragile items will have a more rigid prepping process when compared to a book or a pair of sandals.
  • Shipping the Order – Shipping involves sending the order directly to the customer or distributing points along the way. Depending on the items ordered, like food or flowers, it needs to be refrigerated or placed in a humidity-controlled environment to maintain the best quality. A system should be in place for efficient tracking from shipping to delivering the items to the customers. Receiving tracking information makes it easier for customers because it keeps them informed about the order fulfillment process and the delivery time. Many giant carriers manage inventory shipping processes as it is a significant advantage during the order fulfillment process.
  • Handling Returns – Inspecting for any damage to the returned item and moving to the inventory happens in this final step. The customer is kept informed throughout the returns processes to ensure the best services. Return policies are mentioned on eCommerce websites.

How to Improve Your Order Fulfillment Process?

How to improve your order fulfillment process?

Improving the order fulfillment process needs to have a well-designed strategy for your particular business requirements. It should consider the orders volume shipping out every month, tracking those orders, managing future inventory needs, and many more. Some ways can improve the overall order management system.

  • Automate the Process – Having a transparent, cloud-based inventory is essential to improving the order fulfillment processing system. Integrated automation can ensure that any products listed on your website are available for shipping before a customer places an order. To handle all this, having a seamless order management system is essential. You can reduce the risk of frustrated customers and lost sales.
  • Customer Communication – Communicating from start to finish to the customer is essential to have future sales. You should send emails or texts informing the status of their product at all stages during order fulfillment. The customer needs to know that you care about their experience with their purchase.
  • Select the Right Shipping Company – it’s essential to have periodic audits of the third-party shipping service providers and know the processes and services. Regularly evaluate and keep records of your services. These records of sales and orders will help to make a decision quickly. Your product and customer service may be incredible, but if your shipping company is not up to the mark, customers will be unsatisfied, and sales will decline. A proper Order Fulfillment Software can integrate and take care of your sipping processes efficiently.
  • Make Edits and Returns Easy – Usually, it is difficult for customers to return items or edit an order after sending it. Offering options while making returns and edits makes it simple and is indeed an excellent customer service. Consider implementing order management software that manages the return process. When customers find that returning orders is easy, they will gain trust and continue purchasing from your company.

Wrapping it Up

We provide our customers with order fulfillment software that uses real-time data to track every third-party fulfillment process step. We also maintain all current industry standards. From handling inventory to your shipping, we can integrate our solutions seamlessly to meet your needs. Get in touch with us now to find out more about our custom order management software and begin improving your order fulfillment process. You can call us at +1 408 600 0534 or drop an email at: contact@esellerhub.com

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