As a leading software solutions company offering customized services to improve Amazon inventory software, we recognize the significance of keeping in pace with the online marketplace’s changing trends. We have two things in hand to grow your business: Amazon Brand Registry and becoming a Featured Merchant. Amazon Brand Registry is one lesser-known topic, and steps to become a featured merchant are what we are covering in this blog.

About Amazon Brand Registry

Protecting the brand name is an essential aspect for all Brand owners who sell products on Amazon. It is where the Brand Registry plays a vital role. It is a comprehensive brand management program that identifies brand owners; protect business reputation and products on Amazon. It comprises of a dedicated team where you can reach out to report listing issues, policy violations, and technical concerns.

Amazon Brand Registry 2.0

At first, the Brand Registry offered UPC exclusion and listing content control only for the products sold in a particular brand name.

On top of this, Brand Registry 2.0 gives the following features:

  • A committed and proficient team
  • useful tool to monitor your brand on Amazon
  • You can add persons with whom you wish to provide access to the Brand Registry tools
  • Admittance to other legit programs and marketing features

How Does It Help Your Brand?

Although Amazon has made it easier for merchants to reach new customers and magnify their online business, it is still problematic to keep imitators at bay. It only brings negative impact to your brand name.

The Brand Registry is an authentic and stress-free way to shun fake products under your brand listed on Amazon, making it simple and straightforward. You have the reasonable control of your products by preventing competitors from making changes to your products. You can resolve issues in listing faster, like eliminating incorrect or suspected infringing content. Finding, reporting, and withdrawing Intellectual Property infringement claims can be done quickly.

How Does the Brand Registry Work?

Reviews on Amazon
Check criteria, log into the Amazon Brand Registry with your current Vendor or Seller credentials, or create a new account. The registry is separate for each country. Register your brand, and on verification, you get access to the Brand Registry features.

Amazon Featured Merchant

If you happen to be the seller looking to increase traffic to your Amazon business, then the best option is to become an Amazon Featured Merchant. It helps to get greater visibility for your product listings and to win the buy box. 

How can you become an Amazon Featured Merchant?

The online retailers can choose between individual sellers or pro merchants based on the fees paid to Amazon. The pro sellers pay monthly subscription fees along with order closing and commission fees instead of per-item sales. So depending upon their performance on definite criteria, they can turn out to be featured merchants. If you are selling above 40 items per day, it is valuable to sign for Amazon Pro Merchant.

The criteria are as follows:

  • Order Defect Rate (ODR)
  • Seller Performance
  • Competitive Price
  • Lowest Response Time
  • Quick Shipping
  • Refund Rate

Benefits of Achieving Amazon Featured Merchant Status

The sellers who have achieved the Featured Merchant Status are on the top list for winning the buy box. Even they can get listed in “More Buying Choices Box” provided on the listing page. Amazon takes at least 3 months to select the sellers from the pool of several Amazon Featured Merchants who have the best ratings, satisfactory customer reviews, and pricing reasonably, including shipping. The rest of the merchants are listed in “More Buying Choices Box.” The main benefit is that it gives more visibility to your products and allows you to sell and earn extra.

Final thoughts:

By leveraging the best practices provided by Amazon, sooner or later, you can uplift your e-commerce business to a whole new level. Managing inventory is a crucial aspect that can help you, and custom Amazon inventory software ensures that it meets your requirements. 

For more information on our core services, and develop custom inventory management software, feel free to reach us by calling +1 408 600 0534.

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