The eCommerce titan eBay is expected to launch a new service known as Managed Delivery in 2020. It lets the high-volume sellers store, pack, and deliver orders via a network of authorized third-party vendors. This service enables the sellers to store inventory nearer to the buyers in warehouses located strategically throughout the country. It helps to bring down the shipping costs and delivery time.

Instead of creating its own fulfillment centers, unlike Amazon, eBay is working with third-party fulfillment services. Managed delivery is competitively priced, faster shipping, and enhances eBay supply chain management.

Why did they go for third-party partners?

The Program Had Its Advantages

  • Since sellers could be near the buyers, delivery time and shipping costs can be considerably reduced.
  • The delivery will be managed through a single worldwide technology platform, and third-party partners can operate from anywhere.
  • The main concern for high-velocity sellers is to deliver high-volume products fastly and efficiently.
  • Devin Wenig, president and CEO of eBay mentioned that the orders inside would be trackable for both buyers and sellers
  • The use of third parties helps to connect online sellers with end-to-end solutions effectively
  • It eliminates the need for building a large-scale fulfillment model for e-commerce
  • “Managed Delivery helps create a more managed marketplace,” says eBay, a strategy also followed by Amazon.
  • It gives reasonable control over the eBay supply chain management services

Small to medium enterprises could also effortlessly and inexpensively offer free shipping to customers. It can result in attracting more number of customers. Although this delivery method holds many benefits, it’s yet to become operational.

Other E-commerce service providers like Shopify follows a similar strategy. It provides its small to medium enterprise sellers the fulfillment services through two means. An online platform and third-party vendor network that also includes warehousing and logistics support.

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