Nowadays, the role of custom inventory management in e-commerce is undeniable. To manually increase or decrease the product prices every week, day, or hour is a waste of time, money, and energy. Focus on your work, automatically update your prices, manage your accounts quickly and efficiently with eBay inventory management software.

Save time with dynamic repricing features that can regulate your listings and automatically fix prices up or down in unison with your strategy.

Since relisting a product on eBay takes effort and to populate all that data again is tedious. So double-check whether automatic product relisting is available in your inventory management solution.

Competition is indeed fierce on eBay. So, don’t get blindsided and ensure that you have competition targeting preferences watch out for competitors in your niche through UPCs, MPNs, EANs, or alternative industry-specific product identifiers.

Whether you sell on multiple channels or plan for future expansion, your software should support it. A cloud-based custom, multichannel toolset can make inventory management easy.

Lastly, if you’re operating on Amazon, check if the inventory management solution you use for eBay lets you complete eBay orders using your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) inventory.

It is always good to know the ropes if you are thinking about bringing your business onto eBay inventory solutions.

Space for Product descriptions. eBay offers you much scope to write product explanations. Successful eBay sellers utilize the impact of words to optimize their search rankings (in eBay and Google) and bring in customers. The eBay “Buy Box.” Exactly like on Amazon, eBay merchants selling the same product can compete for the ‘Buy Box.’ It sets one particular merchant as the default seller for a given product listing. You should know that the same gambits used for getting hold of Buy box in Amazon are also applicable to eBay.

Pricing and product strategy. There are many ways a seller can price his product like:

  • providing new products, preowned products, or both
  • Selling by auctions or sticking with Buy It Now
  • giving shoppers the choice of making an offer

Some productive eBay users stick to a solid strategy while others take a more varied approach. If you’re new to eBay, you should try experimenting to see what works for you the best.

Fulfillment strategy. eBay’s ensured delivery program offers two options:

  • The Handling Time Option, in which you take care of handling but not shipping is best suitable for smaller sellers who dispatch from one location
  • The Door-to-Door Option is advisable for sellers operating multiple shipping locations and who can assure on-time delivery.

Both choices strengthen your chances of winning the Buy Box and of course, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Venturing into a new channel may seem daunting. But with the proper tools, any e-commerce business can profitably grow on eBay. We know because we’ve seen our Clients do it with us and effectively grow and raise profits. We, eSeller Hub, are backed with a team of experienced e-commerce professionals. You can develop your custom inventory management software or even hire developers as per your convenience. To schedule a free consultation call:+1 408 600 0534

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