Documenting purchases is an essential task in any business. Purchase orders are the contractual and legal documentation owing to purchases between the company and the supplier. It helps to verify the item purchased, transaction cost, date of purchase, and also to know the warranty period, if any. It helps to make a reorder as and when necessary.

Initially, it might seem unimportant, but as the business grows, the purchases accumulate, and it becomes difficult for accounting purposes. Manual entry is a redundant task, and it consumes a lot of time and energy of the resource, which can be used for other important tasks and decision-making. eSellerhub’s automated purchase order system helps to overcome these drawbacks.

Purchase order automation is the method of utilizing software that centralizes the entire processes of the purchase order. It automatically sends purchase requests to the corresponding vendor once the appropriate staff approves it. eSellerhub’s purchase order management software can digitalize and design your entire purchase order workflow according to your business requirements.

Why should any business go for an automated purchase order system?

Automated Inventory Management System

Whatever may be the extent of your business, small, medium, or large enterprise, and the volume of purchases you make, purchase order management software can come in handy.

  • Effective document management: Instead of wasting time sifting through piles and piles of documents, digitalizing the process helps in quick finding within a few clicks.
  • Improves efficiency: By automating routine tasks, the efficiency of an enterprise gets increased.
  • Improved delivery time: Offering timely delivery to the customers is crucial in any business. They can’t afford any delays. With automated tools, it makes the supply chain process simpler and ensures proper planning for on-time delivery.
  • Inventory management streamlined: Inventory is an essential part of any business. As technologies advance, the method of inventory keeping also improves. You can link your inventory management with the purchase order tool so that whenever a new product arrives, it can be entered into the inventory. Also, when an item is about to get exhausted, you can program the purchase order to be released. This way, it keeps the overheads low and your profits high.
  • Reduces errors: Humans are prone to mistakes when it comes to entering identical or near-identical data. It happens during a rushed entry. All these errors can be minimized with automated purchase order software.
  • Enhances decision-making capabilities: For any decision making, data is vital. An automated order management tool can provide you with real-time data so that dubious mistakes can be avoided.

With a distributed order management system, you can manage numerous customers from multiple market places. You can also manage several orders and make sure they are shipped in time. All this you can do in a centralized dashboard. Warehouses may be located strategically in various locations to cater to the customers efficiently in less time. All your warehouse data can be linked for easy handling. Thus you have more visibility of all your units and warehouses globally. Also, tracking the status of the orders is made easy.

Automated purchase order management software is more sustainable and impactful for your business. To develop customized software for your business, reach us now! Get a free demo and quote within 24 hours. Call our experts at: +1 408 600 0534

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