Are you still following the manual purchase order system? It’s high time you switch from manual to purchase order automation. Automating the purchase order process means a lot more than giving up paper usage. Put an end to dealing with lousy handwriting and slow approval process. You can custom create purchase orders templates, auto-filling with correct data, and quick approval. It means the entire turn around process becomes smooth and more accessible. Plus, you save more time so that you can focus on the better stuff like working on strategies, making plans for future expansion of business, and many more.

Let’s see what automation has to offer.

Reduced PO Cost

While you are busy wading through piles of paper, your competitors are probably up and running. The time lag due to slower processing and approval can cost you much business. The invoice creation process takes up so much time and effort. Imagine the number of workforces you need to employ to get the task completed.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

A fully automated purchase order system can considerably reduce the overall time taken from start to end. Also, it maintains accuracy at every stage and prevents error occurrence or the need to redo the process. You can also integrate with your inventory management software. So, once the PO is approved and products are delivered, the inventory gets automatically updated. It enhances the streamlining of the entire process.

Better Supplier Relationship

Automation can help remove inefficiency in the supply chain process. You can spend less time tracking your PO and allocate more time to solve more critical issues. Suppliers can also import data directly without manual entry. You can send the POs on time and avoid any delay.

Better Spend Visibility

With the help of insights and analytics, you can understand the volume of sales during a particular period. Also, you can plan your budget according to the forecast. You can also maintain a track record of all your expenses from the beginning. Thereby you don’t have to search through files and files of paper POs. With a click of a button, you can come to know the expenses incurred at any instant of time.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

If a supplier makes a change in the PO like a change of date, order quantity, or such, the buyer has the right to approve or deny the change. Purchase order automation notifies you of every change that happens with the original PO. Don’t wait until the end to find out what went wrong.

You’ll never have to face decision-making problems as you can gain access to many insights and valuable analytics. The real-time data can make it easy for you to decide the best for your business growth.

Purchase order automation is a game-changer, and it’s worth the shot. Link it with your inventory management software to gain the leverage of smooth workflow functionality. Get your purchase order automation software and inventory management software integration from the experts now. Contact us, Esellerhub, for free demo and consultation: +1 408 600 0534

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