Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program facilitates the buyers to review the products they buy. Amazon encourages the buyers to post their reviews, whether it is positive or negative. The purpose of these reviews is to help buyers to make purchase decisions. For buyers who post reviews within a specified period are rewarded to motivate them to make time for assisting the future buyers.

How does it function?

Amazon’s Reviewer Program benefits not only the sellers but also future buyers and buyers posting the reviews. While purchasing the product, the buyer is unaware of the products that come under the Early Reviewer Program. After purchase, Amazon selects the buyers randomly to provide genuine reviews.

When it comes to selecting the buyer for reviewing, Amazon contacts those with useful reviews posting history to give smart purchasing decisions. The intention is to generate reviews and not encourage buying or getting the rewards. The reviewer receives the same reward despite the star rating. It is to give non-biased reviews.

Once the review is posted, the seller can’t communicate with the buyer. It eliminates the chances of convincing the buyer to give good reviews.


The Early Reviewer Program has the following benefits

  • help the future buyers to make proper decisions
  • gather genuine reviews
  • Opportunity to the new products to facilitate sales on Amazon
  • Chances for new products to gain the buyer’s trust
  • Negative reviews can be brought down by offering only quality products to buyers

Early Reviewer Program fills the gap created due to too many fake reviews. Now, Amazon assures that only genuine reviews are provided to the buyers. It is all about the Early Reviewer Program. Now let’s see what to do in case of account suspension.

How to get Amazon Account Suspension Reinstated?

Amazon’s central focus is to offer customer-friendly standards that all its sellers should abide by. Failing to meet their standards causes specific issues like account suspension or termination.

Many find the terms for suspensions and terminations as unreasonable. It is because they feel that account suspension for minor issues to be unfair. But, not to worry, there’s a solution to every problem.

First, let’s see the possible reasons for your Amazon seller account to get suspended.

  • The Order Defect Rate (ODR) needs to be below 1%. This rate is measured, including the negative feedback, A-Z claims, and service chargeback ratings given by the customers.
  • The Cancellation Rate needs to be below 2.5%
  • The Late Dispatch Rate needs to be below 4%

A slight increase in the above can lead to suspending your seller account. But, you can submit a plan of action and recover your account. If the plan of action gets rejected, your account is in ‘denied’ state, and you can resubmit your plan of action.

Drastic increase, on the other hand, can result in account termination. In this case, rejection of your plan of action more than once means your account is banned, and Amazon ceases responding to your emails.

Ways to overcome seller account from suspension

Even after following all the criteria, if your seller account becomes suspended, check the following

  • investigate your entire account
  • go through every ASIN
  • check whether Amazon sent policy warnings in the past

After the above, submit an appeal with the plan of action covering the below-mentioned points

  • Take responsibility for the mistakes and assure Amazon it would be avoided in the future.
  • Do not criticize Amazon’s product quality measures as it can harm your appeal
  • Ensure Amazon that you will be offering the best customer service in future
  • Your plan of action must be prepared on real facts and findings of your internal account.
  • Analyze the reasons for unsatisfactory customers and make sure it doesn’t occur.

By trying out the above tips, we have witnessed an ample number of the accounts getting reinstated. It is best to learn from experience. If an account is suspended, and you wish to reinstate, follow the criteria sternly. It can help you to avoid huge losses.

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