Getting positive reviews is crucial for Amazon sellers to get more sales. The reviews received from original shoppers are the social-proof about your product’s quality. It also plays a vital role in Amazon’s algorithm to get your product ranked on Amazon’s search results. Unfortunately, only a small number of customers leave their reviews for the products they buy on Amazon.

Some buyers leave negative reviews for your products due to some bad experience. It makes it even more difficult for the sellers as they cause an adverse effect on Amazon sales and seller metrics. But on the bright side, negative reviews provide valuable insights on buyer persona and experience of your products. The customer tends to trust the product and the seller when they see both positive and negative reviews. Having only a positive review can sometimes be taken as fake and posted by the seller.

So, let us see how to get more reviews and handle negative reviews on Amazon.

Understand the rules and regulations – Getting to know Amazon’s review policies and regulations can help you clear the grey area and avoid troubles. Here is a concise list,

  • Never give money or a product for review
  • Don’t provide discount/promotions for a review
  • Never ask reviews from your employees
  • Don’t mention negative comments on your competitor’s product
  • Don’t interchange a useful review for a fair review
  • Don’t acknowledge unverified reviews

Build the email list – Amazon does not provide buyer email addresses to sellers. However, this data can be taken with some third-party tools and platforms. It enables sellers to email their customers with a direct link to the purchased product review page on Amazon. Thus, it makes it easy for buyers to leave a review.

Early reviewer program – The early reviewer program helps sellers enrolled in the brand registry to get reviews on Amazon for new products. They have to pay $60 per product for getting up to five reviews. Amazon reaches out to random customers who have purchased the product and asks for a review. The customer might get some incentive from Amazon, and the reviews will have a verified purchase label.

Use Amazon’s Order Feedback System – Amazon makes it easy to get reviews from the orders. From the Amazon seller account, feedback request emails can be sent automatically after order delivery.

Reasons for Getting Bad Reviews

As a seller, pleasing customers with diverse choices is not possible all the time. Some of the significant reasons for negative reviews include–

  • Product Shipping delays
  • Product differing from the description
  • Product quality mismatching with the price
  • Inattention in handling the customer requirement

Sometimes sellers receive negative reviews even when they deliver top quality products and services and speedy delivery. It is because each buyer has a difference in opinions and choices.

How to Tackle a Negative Review?


Bad reviews can pose opportunities within the problems. These kinds of reviews enable the seller to identify the flaws in your products. It also helps to put forth the most needed actions to make them competitive. Here are some useful tips on how you can react smartly to negative reviews an make the most out of it.

  • Try to connect with the Buyer – The sellers can reach to the buyer and persuade them to change or remove the review. They can offer them a refund, exchange, or a discount on their upcoming purchase. But getting the contact of the buyer is a challenge as many customers use pseudo names while giving reviews.
  • In case you can’t find the negative reviewer the seller can review the date and compare the pseudo name data with the other orders received during that date. If you could track the buyer, then that is fine; if not, you can ask them to connect with you by commenting on their review thread.
  • Get product review removed by Amazon – Amazon offers the option of removing negative reviews that are posted. But, Amazon will only do that only if the negative review doesn’t fit its review guidelines like reviews containing offensive or abusive language content. You can click on the negative review and then on “report abuse.” A pop-up window will open that prompts you to mention the reason for your request. Otherwise, you can email to along with the product information, product ASIN, review posting date and time, and the name under which the review has been posted. The best option is to send along with the review link.

Comment on negative review – The sellers can reply to the post telling the reviewer about the remedial measures to solve the issue. Also, assure that there will be no similar occurrences in the future. A polite comment on a negative review can make a positive impression for potential buyers. Of course, the rating will be impacted, but the negative reviewer’s perspective can be changed, and other readers. It will be the ultimate option when you try to convince the reviewer or if you can’t get Amazon to change or remove the negative review.

Best Practices to Handle Bad Reviews


Handling criticism smartly with patience and a positive attitude is very important. Just make sure it complies with Amazon’s guidelines while connecting or responding to your customers.

  • Be Polite or at least make sure you sound polite
  • Respond quickly, don’t delay with your response
  • Be professional, don’t bribe the customer or push them for the positive feedback
  • Check Reviews Regularly and respond as quickly as possible

Final Thoughts

Negative reviews are a good source for Market research tool for your business. Manage these reviews efficiently; give your customers the products they need. Ultimately, customer satisfaction is the key to your online business growth, and product reviews are the game-changers. It makes a drastic difference in sales.

If you are having thoughts to develop a significant custom order and feedback management system, we are here to help!

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