Every single online retail store has got a tiresome job to deal with – inventory management. The bigger the store, the harder the inventory management turns out to be. Of course, you can hang on to your desktop software for managing the orders, deliveries or stocks, etc., while in the office. On the other hand, what if you are outside your office or town? And you hurriedly have to check your order status or stock levels? It’s not happening, isn’t it?

Here we have Magento inventory management software to play an essential role in assisting you in wading through this condition. So, let’s understand how the Magento inventory management software can help you proficiently handle your inventory from anywhere and everywhere.

Benefits of a Magento Inventory Tool for Your Store

Let’s have a look at a couple of critical and handy benefits that the Magento inventory tool can offer for your eCommerce store.

Inventory Information on Finger Tips

Inventory Information on Finger Tips

With the presence of a Magento inventory management app configured to your mobile or any other smart device, you can effortlessly handle your inventory anytime, anywhere. Be it stock updates, suppliers, orders, sources, primary store operations, or other essential things that you might want to keep an eye on, and single-click access is all it takes for you. It also helps you to organize your entire inventory activities.

Well-organized Supply Chain Management

Well-organized Supply Chain Management

A store inventory management app can help you briskly track the stock actions plus the inflow and outflow. You can get real-time updates on stock levels in short supply. You can also enable or disable the products or bring up-to-date on their numbers. With the right of entry to real-time stock updates, managing all aspects of your supply chain can be performed quickly and improve its efficiency.

Purchase Order Management

In just a few clicks, the Magento order management tool can help you to create purchase orders with no trouble on the go. Additionally, you can view the entire POs and use filters to comprehend your customers’ consuming mannerisms and demands. You can also create ‘Stock received’ for POs with particulars like volume received, shipping charges, etc.

Supplier Management

You can add and handle all vendors and their details; inventory management software can provide your vendors and exclusive dashboard to look at purchase orders, edit their details, create orders, and many more. It eliminates the communication barrier between you and your suppliers. As a result, the supplier’s management becomes more effective and stress-free for you.

Multiple Store Support

Magento inventory management software provides multi-store support. With such tools, you can create reports of various products and supported currency depending on the volume of sales and customer module data for the selected store. These in-depth reports support you to handle different aspects for all your stores.

Configurable Dashboard

Having a configurable dashboard that numerous inventory apps offer, you can effortlessly customize your app dashboard according to your business workflow. You can bring about operations in a more organized manner on the go with hassle-free management and organization of modules and filters to view the detailed data as needed.

Collaborative Sales Reports

Collaborative Sales Reports

With several interactive sales reports that offer insight into valuable information like average item per order, country-wise sales, best-selling items, etc., you can get a profound understanding of your business. Certain apps even let you see the reports tapering down to specific criteria like sales at a particular period, like the past 24 hours or a week or a particular holiday season. Because of that, you can plan for future marketing strategies based on the data and target customers more capably based on their demographics and their shopping behavior.

Review Management

Review Management

Magento inventory management software helps you get a full list of reviews and related information for your entire products or stocks. You can also choose whether to accept a review, discard it or delete it by looking into how genuine the review is or if it is a spam review that can destroy your brand image.

When it comes to the e-commerce industry, your e-commerce site is the face of your business. It is always good to manage both sides, your backend inventory and your website as it is the first point of connection for many of your customers. For that reason, it is vital to make sure that the first point of contact doesn’t miss the mark of driving your customers’ engagement. In addition to various factors like high loading speed, user-friendly design, etc., personalization also plays an essential role in customer engagement. Your site’s language option owes a lot to your site personalization.

So, in addition to handling your inventory and your orders, Magento can assist you in handling your language preferences too. A multi-language website is a must when you venture globally. Here are some of the advantages that you don’t want to miss.

  • Aids in targeting a wider Audience by opening up your business to international customers
  • Boost your sales and customer base
  • Effectively decreases the bounce Rates and enhance Conversion Rates
  • Provides a competitive edge in the market
  • Increases the global brand visibility by increasing the international SEO and top SERPs ranking
  • It helps create trust and faith among customers
  • Enables cost-effective marketing

If you own a Magento store, our Magento Language Translator extension can do the right job for you. Our proficient Magento-certified developers are well-prepared to support you with all the latest features that you are looking for. It has several features that can improve your Google API translation abilities.

In a Nutshell

Therefore, having Magento Inventory Management software for your office as well as an application for your portable smart device can help you gain access to all your inventory data quickly and easily. With every single information obtainable besides the real-time collaborative sales reports, you can effortlessly streamline your supply-chain cycle and order management process.

So, if you are ready to think through one for your store, we are here to help you. Get in touch with our experts to get the best for your business. Drop-in your queries to contact@esellerhub.com

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