Relying on spreadsheets with vast volumes of data can let you down at times. Especially when you need a particular data from the enormous list quickly. Inventory management can not only help you with your inventory but also get you the numbers that are required or planning. So, this gives you to be a competitive edge in the market.

The main features are as follows

Manage Your Product Listings

Gain insight about your inventory and understand better. Even if you own multiple retail channels in addition to Shopify, you can sync and update all your channels into one Shopify inventory management. Any business owner needs to know the internal happenings big or small of his business.

Precise Stock Information On All Channels

You can gather the stock information present in various channels from a single dashboard. This dashboard makes it very much more comfortable to access all the relevant data that you need without the necessity to navigate through different logins and portals. See the movement of your products, future orders to be made, sales forecasts, design promotion strategy based on the numbers quickly.

Pick, Pack, And Ship Orders Swiftly With Ease

Pick, Pack, And Ship Orders Swiftly With Ease

With the help of Shopify inventory management software, you can list not only your products and sellers but also your shipping logistics vendors. You can set up auto-reminders when your stock reaches a particular limit. Then update inventory after receiving inventory.

Track Of Online Sales And Performance

Analytics can give you the overall picture of sales, including a particular product’s demand in the market or if it’s not selling. Also, you can obtain cumulative data to help you plan for future budget allocation.

So, if you’re dealing with inventory problems, you might want to consider other options. Because inventory issues cut down most of your valuable time, unaccounted and unchartered expenses, and inefficient operation overall.

Some of the long-term benefits that you’ll get from a Shopify inventory management system are,

  • No more over or under ordering problems
  • Prevent hectic inventory recounts
  • Spend wisely by identifying slow-moving products
  • Improve efficiency and productivity with barcode scanners
  • Eliminate errors that are common in manual processes
  • Enhance customer loyalty and customer retention by avoiding an out-of-stock situation

Shopify has 3 different ways of Shopify order Fulfillment; they are:

Automatic Order Fulfillment

Automatic Order Fulfillment

Fulfillment process is automated using third party fulfillment automation service

Manual Order Fulfillment

Fulfillment done manually usually in stores

Partial Order Fulfillment

Only half the order is fulfilled as the remaining order is pre-ordered or out-of-stock

You can set automatic order fulfillment with eSellerhub’s Shopify order fulfillment feature along with the inventory management software.

Its time to stop dealing with inventory issues in your business, learn more about eSellerhub’s Shopify’s inventory management software. Know how it can help to efficiently run your business, save time and money, and attract potential customers every time. Call us now at +1 408 600 0534.

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