Amazon Prime Day sales are considered as the “Biggest Global Amazon Shopping Event” worldwide. It is a shopping event featuring great products with attractive deals and discounts. In addition to prime members, non-prime customers can also benefit from this shopping event. They can sign up for a free 30 day Prime Membership trial.

It is the best time for Amazon sellers to prep up themselves and their Amazon inventory. Year after year, the competition becomes more and more prominent. The stakes are high, and the challenges can never be so challenging. There are ways you can get ahead of the competitors, establish an eye-catching position for products, and enjoy increased sales and profits. We’ll be covering the essential aspects of how you can top the Market on Amazon Prime Day.

  • Register with Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

    Enroll with SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime) program to help distinguish products from other sellers. It can increase the visibility of your products to prime customers. Winning the buy box is also a sure-fire way to transform visitors into buyers.

  • Product Bundling

    Product Bundling
    It is a simple method that can effectively bring down your Buy Box Competition. Bundled products at low price pull a lot of customers and a plus point for slow-moving products. The highlight is that they have a unique ASIN assigned, which increases the chances of winning the buy box.

  • Manage Inventory and Pricing Precisely

    Manage Inventory and Pricing Precisely
    Inventory and pricing are two crucial aspects. Pricing must be competitive to win the buy box and expand sales. How would it seem when people who like your product and when they try to buy, it shows you’ve run out of stock? It is like missing a whole truckload of opportunities during the high sales period. Make sure you have the right products stocked up. Sellers can use inventory management software for a better selling opportunity. Also, you can try Fulfilment by Amazon to have a hassle-free operation during peak time. It will give you lots of time to focus and work on the best deals that you can offer for your customers. You can try FBA without any charges and leverage its merits for your Amazon Prime Day sales.

  • Offer Lightning Deals

    Offer Lightning Deals
    The lightning deal is a type of promotion where specific products are offered a discount for a short period. They are visible on the page only for a couple of hours. Amazon curates the best deals, and gaining visibility for your products here would mean quite a profit. On a prime day, it aids in getting good market exposure, more traffic, conversion, and customer engagement. Provided the criteria of Amazon are met, lightning deals are advantageous for sellers. Amazon would recommend specific products in your listings based on reviews, FBA, eligibility, and product varieties.

  • Use Amazon Sponsored Products

    To beat the competition on prime day sales, sellers can leverage Amazon Sponsored Products. It is a pay-per-click advertising solution to promote products. Targeted keywords are used, and it displays at the top of the search results. Your customers must see the products you have to offer in order to make a sale. Any seller can make use of this to ultimately increase the traffic. The volume of customer inflow is monumental, and no day than Prime day is the right time to use it. If you are already utilizing sponsored ads, you can increase the budget to get your products on top of the searches.

  • Differentiate Your Listings

    Differentiate Your Listings
    One way to differentiate is through beautiful product photography like image blocks, alternative angles, and best primary image. Compelling images can raise your click-through rate and, in turn, increase the rate of conversion. Using keywords in titles and descriptions can help to stand out on a prime day. With Amazon prime wardrobe, Primer members can try virtually various products that sellers have to offer. So it is best to have a good-looking inventory to break the deal.

  • Increase Your Listing

    Prime day sales are the right time to tap potential customers. The competition is also intense, and it is best to go the extra mile by increasing your listings. Find out the trending products now because products that sold like forest fire last month may not be what the customers are looking for now. Have a variety of products to attract those eyeballs and have enough stock in inventory to raise the listing capacity.

Amazon Prime day is a unique chance to appeal to your loyal customers and increase new customers. Every year, this trend will never disappoint the sellers with their sales volumes. So, roll your sleeves, be prepared, and embrace the overwhelming response on Prime Day.

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