Customer satisfaction is an essential aspect for any online eCommerce business to sustain in the competitive market. Meeting their expectations, changing trends, and demands are always rising on the scale. The challenge is not simple; meeting demands, delivering the correct orders, timely delivery in a worldwide topography. Thus, it becomes crucial to have proper Magento order management software for handling bulk volume orders. This software tremendously supports organizing a company’s operations by quickly meeting the upcoming demands and customer expectations.

Order management software is being widely used in many industries as it increases efficiency by order tracking and precise maintenance. An integrated system is in place for supporting order entry, management, updations, and delivery. Several modules are present to process the orders on time. It has a centralized system that provides online updates to customers, delivery agents, and sales personnel.

The Magento order management software is predominantly being applied in e-commerce companies’ operations for its various features and benefits. It can enter the orders through a data entry system or fetch from website shopping carts. The software can store customer propriety and account level information securely. The software’s transactional processes and credit verifications are also managed to check the validity and fund availability automatically. Once all critical parameters are checked, the orders are processed to initiate the warehouse actions – picking, packing, shipping, and delivery.

Here are a few ways to redefine your business with Magneto order management software.

  • Centralized Inventory: For a worldwide catering business having a centralized inventory becomes mandatory. You need to streamline inventory and account for all the different products and their numbers in both store and warehouse. Having order management software in place predicts the in-stock and out-of-stock situations and enabling you to calculate when the next order has to be placed. Also, tracking inventory at any various sales channels can be done quickly with a centralized dashboard that shows all your order information in one place.
  • Omnichannel Capabilities: Ship from store, ship to store, buy online, and collect in-store are the options that customers expect nowadays. It calls for an extensive inventory to be set up in various locations and maintained. Magento has omnichannel management capabilities and fulfillment tools to simplify your order management. It helps find the best fulfillment location, best store from your multiple channels for delivery, and the mode of shipping.
  • Global Inventory Handling: Magento offers a fast and effective way to reach your customers’ products. It gives real-time tracking status to the customers, and inventory on multiple channels can be handled smoothly—insights on which SKUs and the measure of items sold on each channel can be obtained.

Benefits of Order Management Software

  • Ease of Managing business – Flexibility and functionality are two essential aspects of business growth and cater to the customers’ rising demands. The order management software platform makes it easier by fulfilling the orders from the stores directly. It provides an extensive range of products and enables selling the maximum number of your products to anyone and anywhere.
  • Ensures customer loyalty and faster results – Getting to know the customer’s demand adds value to your business. Magento order management software gives insight to your customers’ inventory and orders. It can fulfill the orders from the best possible location, thus, saving time and shipping charges. Exceeding the customer’s expectations and retention becomes more comfortable.
  • Quick Market Penetration – the ever-increasing customer expectations create better and improved order management software. The market is competitive, and many advanced technology investments are being made to improve the overall performance. To stay ahead of your competitors, Magento order management software is equipped to meet the business goals by ensuring greater customer satisfaction, lower fulfillment cost, and increased sales.
  • Increased order delivery options – helps provide your customers with maximum flexibility, manages inventory, and enhances delivery options. It ensures that the product gets delivered to the customer to their preferred location.

Final Thoughts

Investing wisely in a proper and fully functional order management system is essential. We, at eSellerhub, provide full-fledged Magento order management software that reduces complexity and streamlines your business. Our custom software is a high performing, and you can easily handle your business from anywhere irrespective of time zones to cater to global customers. Talk to our experts at +1 408 600 0534 or send us an email to

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