For any online eCommerce business, customer expectations and product demands are always increasing on the scale. The ability to meet these demands and deliver the right orders at the expected time anywhere in the world is a prevailing challenge. An ecoomerce business needs to have proper Magento order management software to manage large volumes of orders from customers. This software can tremendously help the company to organize itself to meet the increasing demands and customer expectations.

Magento inventory management can help you simplify your shipping process and fulfill orders from stores or physical inventory with ease. Improving your order management strategy with Magento can increase your overall revenues. If you are facing customer complaints oriented to order fulfillment, Magento inventory management can improve your customer ratings. It helps to eliminate common errors like in stock notification during out-of-stock times, sending an item different from their orders, or even slow shipping scenarios.

Here we have few of the best ways of how Magento order management software can refine your eCommerce business.

Order Fulfillment

Centralized Inventory

When you have a business that caters worldwide, then it is essential to have a centralized inventory. It can streamline your inventory and account all items, whether in your store or warehouse, appropriately. Determining the different types of items and their exact numbers at any point in time becomes easy. In-stock and out-of-stock, situations can be predicted so that you are made aware of when to place the future orders. Magento inventory management can also track inventory at any multiple sales channel that you may have. A centralized dashboard displays all your order information in one place.

Omnichannel Capabilities

Ship from store, ship to store, order online and collect in-store are the types of options today’s customers are expecting. An extensive inventory is required to be managed to cater to all their orders. Magento has omnichannel management abilities to simplify your order management. Magento fulfillment tools can find out the best fulfillment location and the best store for delivery from your multiple channels and even the shipping mode. So you save a lot on your expenses too.

Global Inventory And Sourcing

Magento offers a fast and much effective way of getting your inventory products to your customers. Customers can get real-time status of the location to purchase and get their products. The inventory of multiple channels can be controlled more effectively. You can also get clear picture on which SKUs and the measure of items sold on each channel.

It’s is essential to invest wisely in a proper and fully functional order management system. We, at eSellerhub, can give you full-fledged Magento order management software for your business. It’s more about size and volume rather than complexity as it can be streamlined with eSellerhub’s custom software. With such high performing software, you can easily pull off your business anywhere and at any time. No more hurdles in the pathway of your dream to cater globally with your astounding services. Call us now to talk to our experts: +1 408 600 0534 or drop us an email at

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