FBA calculator is a free tool offered by Amazon, which helps to estimate pre-selling roughly. It can help generate an FBA storage fee or its referral fee every month. Although it is useful, it has certain limitations like not considering all the factors Amazon’s referral fee changes when the retail price for promotions is lowered.

Selling on Amazon FBA is challenging, and the FBA calculator alone cannot help you get there.


  • Manual Entry Of Data and Numbers

    You are required to fill in the product name, ASIN, or UPC to check the Amazon fees for a product. It gives a comparison between FBA fees and FBM. The disadvantage is that one cannot save the calculation in the tool for viewing later. It does not auto-save, and all numbers have to be entered manually every time.

  • Can’t Export Data

    Amazon’s free FBA calculator doesn’t have the facility to compare in excel .csv format or copy it into your files. So for tracking purposes, or comparing products with a high-profit margin, one has to type it in a spreadsheet manually. Re-calculating the impact of promotions is also time-consuming. So shifting between FBA calculator to Excel or Google Sheets is a tedious process and not a smart option to record costs generated by the tool.

  • No Simultaneous Product Margin Comparisons Available

    The free Amazon FBA tool can calculate only one fee at a time. The data exporting feature is unavailable for easy and quick comparisons.

  • Omits Additional Costs

    Free Amazon FBA calculator does not consider certain costs like advertising, marketing costs, overheads, or taxes. To estimate the profitability of a product, in addition to profit margin, Sales rank, competitors, and review quantity are essential. The tool only offers an estimate of handling fees, referral fees, and other costs linked with Amazon FBA selling.

Advantages of Using Amazon FBA Management Tool


An Amazon FBA management tool connects with the Amazon Seller Central account API. It reads the account information displayed. Then it instantly organizes it to give a clear insight into your business performance. All this is done without making any alterations in the values displayed. 

With a useful Amazon FBA management tool, the following can be attained:

  • view Sales volume in a customizable date range
  • compare Sales simultaneously from promotions and organic customers 
  • Manage Product reviews 
  • Store lifetime Data unlike Seller Central 
  • Calculate entire costs of individual products at the same time with Amazon FBA management software 
  • Store and view product research and cost calculation anytime in one dashboard.

Using Seller Central alone might not give you the expected results. It is best to use Amazon FBA management or SaaS software to manage eCommerce business faster and more comfortably. It saves much time and provides additional features that can work with your data efficiently than Seller Central. These tools help to overcome the limitations of Seller Central on FBA sellers. 

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