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inventory management software

Inventory Across Marketplaces

More Power To You

Excel in your online business by listing and managing inventory across multiple marketplaces Gather, edit, manage and control your stock levels from single place.

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Quantity Sync

Say No To Overselling And Underselling

Link products and inventory together while selling on multiple marketplaces.Keep inventory in sync at all times. Track and update the stock available on all the stores from a single screen.

inventory management system

Merge Product Listings

Stay Organized

Link products and merge changes with your current products seamlessly. Stay ahead of your competitors by keeping your inventory up-to-date 24/7 on multiple marketplaces without any downtime or delays.

online inventory management system

Import / Export Inventory Easily

Manage Your Processes Your Way

Import or export your inventory displayed across different marketplaces in the form of csv, xml or Google docs. Add new products or get changes done in existing products with just a click of a button.

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Bundle And Kit Products

Sell Better

Build and manage bundles or kits of different products as offers to your customers. Sell products individually and also as a part of a bundle/kit enabling you to sell more items.

Inventory Management

Manage Variations

No Limit To The Number Of Product Attributes

Define multiple variations or custom properties and associate them to your applicable product listings. List, manage and control these listings across multiple marketplaces.

online inventory system

Monitor Inventory Logs

Track Our Inwards And Outwards

Monitor inventory inward and outward logs from the time the product was created in the first place. Make better business decisions and get more insight into what products to source.

inventory management system software

Drop Ship Management

For Your Convenience Only

Forward all respective orders to your drop shippers. Integrate your vendors and suppliers and track your orders at every step even after forwarding it to your vendors.

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