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Real-time inventory tracking_1

Real-time Inventory Tracking

Bid Adieu to Inventory Crisis

Is over or under inventory creating havoc in your warehouse life and you cannot do anything about it? Now you can if you want.

  • Product Tracking
  • Advanced Inventory Tagging
  • Audit Trail

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Strategic Product Management_2

Strategic Product Management

Improve Time to Fulfillment

Too many products, limited space, scant workers, obsolete software. We can build a solution to fix them all with a snap.

  • Multi-Location Tracking
  • Stock Transfer
  • Order Picking

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Efficient Transfer System

Efficient Transfer System

Bundle or Kit Products at Ease

You may not have a genie but there are too many wishes for a single genie to fulfill. Make fulfillment a concern of yesterday with our custom solutions.

  • Multi-Location Tracking
  • Stock Transfer
  • Order Picking

Transparent Purchase Management

Transparent Purchase Management

Create, Manage and Send POs

Don’t expect your supplier to make a transition to a modern purchase management system overnight. But who has stopped you?

  • Bulk POs
  • Supplier Management
  • Backordering

Multi-Carrier Shipping

Multi-Carrier Shipping

Automate Process and Reduce Errors

UPS is fine but when a fulfillment is at the door and customer is crying mayday, you got to put him on priority. How about FedEx or DHL?

  • Labeling
  • Multiple Shipment Orders
  • Shipment by ID

Intelligent Reporting and Analytics

Intelligent Reporting and Analytics

Forecast Future Demand and Sales

Smart sellers never underestimate the power of data their systems are generating. Be a smart sellers make the most of the data with analytics.

  • Customized Reports
  • Report Integration
  • Drill-Down

Flexible Deployment Options_1

Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy the Software the Way You Want To

When you own the right to the software, you are free to deploy it wherever you want to: Amazon Cloud or the server room in your backyard.

  • On-premise
  • Cloud-based
  • Hybrid

Real Time Inventory Tracking eSellerhub’s inventory management software helps in real-time inventory tracking and prevent inventory crisis. the product can be tracked at any point in time with an advanced inventory tagging feature. it also lets the audit trail for the best inventory management experience.

eSellerhub is capable of effective product management strategically and improves the time consumed for the completion of order fulfillment. it overcomes the limitations in the number of products and space calculations for your products in the inventory. It eliminates the need for more workers to perform inventory record keeping and updations.

Some of the essential features include tracking data from multiple locations, transferring stock between various inventories, and order picking status. eSellerhub’s inventory management software is advantageous when it comes to bundling products.

Purchase Management is very efficient and transparent. It creates, manages, and sends the purchase orders. It includes bulk PO handling, supplier management, and back-ordering functionalities. Automate the process and reduce errors, labeling, multiple shipment orders, shipment by id, intelligent reporting and analytics, and predicting future demand and sales.
Data generation is an essential aspect for any seller, and hence data analytics is inbuilt in eSellerhub. It provides customized reports, integration of reports as per customer’s business requirement.

Flexible deployment options are available to suit the specific ERP system present on-premise, Amazon cloud-based, or the server (hybrid system) present in the source inventory management software, inventory management software for small businesses

Frequently Asked Questions About Inventory Management Software

What is inventory management software?
Inventory management comprises forecasting and replenishment modules, which helps manage inventories in balance to the expected consumer demand. It helps to maintain stock levels, manage incoming and outgoing stock at various channels and warehouses. It makes tracking easier and optimizes your inventory.


What is warehouse inventory management, and how it differs from inventory management?
A warehouse inventory management controls and optimizes the storage, movement, and tracking of the products within and around the warehouse. Whereas, an inventory management software is used for planning and optimizing the products present in multiple locations throughout the supply chain.


Why use inventory management software?
Inventory management software can improve sales with real-time inventory data, planning replenishment, reducing order delays, increase profitability, and customer satisfaction. It also provides inventory visibility, which helps to overcome out-of-stock situations.

Are there any difficulties in implementing inventory management software?

Integration, quality of data, and training personnel are the primary tasks. But eSellerhub’s inventory management software offers simple integration with existing ERP and SCM tools and ease of usage.

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