Never Miss An Order
order management system

Centralize Orders Through Order Management Software

Continuous Order Updates

Centralize all orders from multiple marketplaces, in a single place. Save your time by tracking all your orders and their respective statuses, whether they are cancelled or even shipped.

Orders Management

Order Cancellations, Exchanges And Refunds

Simplified Processes

Enable seamless full or partial order cancellations, exchange and refunds. Inventory of an item returned from one store would be updated automatically on other marketplaces too.

order management system

Export / Import Orders

Your Processes Your Way

Export orders lists for accounting purposes, import orders directly from any marketplace if the need be.

order management system

Edit Shipping Address

Added Flexibility

Update shipping address, if the need be to ensure your products get shipped to the right place at the right time.

order management system

Quantity Management

Inventory Is Always Managed Right

Manage quantity in real-time. As soon as an order is confirmed, quantity gets updated in minutes across all marketplaces.

order management system

Post Tracking Numbers

Let Your Customers Know

Upload tracking information in bulk, and they will be posted across all your respective marketplaces in minutes.

Orders Management

Order Notes And Highlighter

Mark Your Most Important Orders

Highlight orders and add special notes for things to keep into consideration when fulfilling those orders.

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