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Distributed Order Management

Distributed Order Management

Decentralization is the Key

Orders are hard to manage when you have thousands of customers in multiple marketplaces ordering stuff at the same time. We make it look seamless.

  • Order State & Event Management
  • Order Orchestration & Routing
  • Partial Shipment & Order Splitting

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Every Channel Matters

When you’re selling online and offline, you need separate strategies and management software. We consolidate your concerns to a single package.

  • Ship-from-Store and Ship-to-Store
  • Buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS)
  • Endless aisle of inventory

Global Inventory Management

Global Inventory Management

One Warehouse is not Enough

Centralized warehouse is a thing of the past. You need to distribute warehouses strategically across key geographic locations. Our software is apt for you.

  • Track inventory everywhere
  • In-transit Inventory
  • Intelligent Sourcing & Allocation

Customer Service

Customer Service

Your Customers Don’t Always Love You

Your customers may not like you but with customer service built into your custom software built, you can gradually make you win their trust.

  • Order Details & Status Lookup
  • Appeasements, Refunds & Credit Edits
  • Order Escalation Workflow

Central Dashboard

Central Dashboard

Not Everything Software is Complicated

A central dashboard in our customer software solutions ensure when it comes to order management, you don’t have to anywhere to find new orders.

  • Manage Multiple Marketplaces
  • Single order window
  • Real-time updates

Post Tracking Numbers

Post Tracking Numbers

Everybody Loves Transparency

Tracking number is a must in every leading marketplaces. Customers want to learn when will the order will reach them. Our software makes it simple.

  • Auto-retrieve tracking code
  • Upload tracking information
  • Multiple tracking codes support

eSellerhub’s order management software supports the entire purchase-to-pay workflow. Automation can be applied to essential processes such as customer and supplier invoices, credit check, purchase order generation, and data transmission. It can also be applied for ancillary tasks like multi-channel order tracking and analysis. The software is inherent in order processing and permits sellers to track inventory levels and multiple selling channels easily. It progresses the overall customer experience and sales effectively.

Decentralization is essential for distributed order management. This feature helps to manage orders from a vast number of customers in multiple marketplaces concurrently. The status of the order, order processing, partial shipment, and order segregation can be made by the order management software seamlessly.

Omnichannel Fulfillment is possible online and offline with eSellerhub’s order management software, which consolidates everything in a single package. All modes of order delivery mechanisms like ship-from-store, ship-to-store, BOPIS are supported. It is apt for distributed warehouses inventory tracking and management. In-transit inventory can also be tracked. It has in-built custom software to ease the customer servicing process.

A central dashboard in the customer software solutions ensures the order management process. Features include multiple marketplace handling, single order window, post tracking numbers, auto-retrieve tracking code, multiple tracking codes, and real-time updations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Order Management Software

Can I import listings from other channel integrations?
Yes. With eSellerhub’s Amazon order management software you can easily import, export, and sync your listings from multiple sales channels. Also, you can access all our channel integrations.

Can I use eSellerhub for order fulfillment?
Yes. You can take care of your order fulfillment from start to finish. eSellerhub’s Amazon order management software enables you to pick, check and pack, print shipping labels, and make shipping rules for your orders efficiently.

Does eSellerhub handle returns?
Order returns are totally managed through our Amazon order management tool. This tool gives you the ease of printing return shipping labels, and handling refunds entirely from a single interface.

Can I set access rights to my employees?
You can set access rights to particular employees based upon your workflow and preferences. Different roles can be assigned to each employee handling various activities in warehouse, purchase, inventory, and more. You can also hide specific data like cost and purchases from a particular group of employees and provide admin access only to those who handle purchases.

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