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Sales Forecasts

Sale Forecasts

Fault in Your Stars?

Life is unpredictable, your sales numbers should not. Bid adieu to uncertainty in your operations with our modern, bespoke software solutions.

  • Weekly, monthly… Forecasts
  • Smart Predictions
  • Auto calibration

Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Did You Hire One?

Even if you have, you won’t need one once you bring the intelligence of our custom software into your organization. They cost less.

  • Sales Numbers
  • Garnered Profits
  • Total Revenue

Data Comparison

Data Comparison

High Stakes, Low Riders

The test of time shouldn’t fail you. At the end of the day, you’re competing yourselves with what you were yesterday, last month and last year. Any progress?

  • Historical Data Comparison
  • Find avenues of growth
  • Identify warnings beforehand

Smart Suggestions

Smart Suggestions

Because Data Don’t Lie

Your journey selling products isn’t going be a fairy-tale. Get out of la la land and let data define what is working for you, what isn’t.

  • Identify Bestsellers
  • Idle Products Warning
  • High Margin Validator

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Crash Course From Your Rivals

Take some cues from your competitor’s playbook if it was so easy.  Nevertheless, we are the master eavesdroppers.

  • Find hidden Sales Channels
  • Capture their data against yours
  • Add competitors to monitor

Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Life is Short, Time is Shorter

Life is too short to look at the entire 5-page report particularly when you have a large ecommerce operation to oversee

  • Filter Report Data
  • Export to PDF
  • Enable Monthly Alerts

Email and mobile notifications

Email and Mobile Notifications

Stay Updated Wherever You Go

Data is boring when you have to look at a lot of it. Not when you get tailored notifications relevant with the right data at the right time.

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

Tomorrow is Tomorrow

What is the meaning of a notification, tip, or suggestion when you cannot take an action on it. Don’t worry, you have our smart solution.

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