Your Amazon Inventory Is Always Synced With Other Marketplaces
Custom build your own Amazon workflow

Custom Build Your Own Amazon Workflow

Amazon Seller’s Hub binds you to a specific set of rules which binds your workflow as a seller on Amazon. You need to make a lot of adjustments and some compromises to put everything in place. You define the workflow when Amazon inventory management software is according to you, not the other way around.
Amazon Inventory Management

Stay on the TOP of Amazon API changes

Stay on the TOP of Amazon API Changes

Amazon is notoriously fast for introducing changes to its APIs. The changes may render a software solution, on the top of Amazon seller’s account, catatonic if the software developers couldn’t keep up the pace with Amazon. eSellerHub has been doing ecommerce solutions for years now and we know inside-out of Amazon API documentations.
amazon Inventory Management software

Open Architecture to Encourage Integration

Open Architecture to Encourage Integration

An inventory management software needs to do more than talking to Amazon APIs. Amazon facilitates the transaction between you and the customers; you still need a provision to source supplies and ship supplies, not to mention the usual hotchpotch inside the warehouse. An open software architecture means your software integrates seamlessly with your suppliers, shipping carriers etc.
amazon inventory software

Modular design to enable-disable features

Modular Design to Enable-Disable Features

An inventory management system tends to include several standard features. On the contrary, we restrict features to those you specifically asked for. That doesn’t mean standard features are absent just because you did not ask for them. We disable those you don’t need and most of the features can be enabled/disabled from the admin panel.

Standard Features

Standard Features

Despite insisting on bespoke software, there are a few standard features we believe no Amazon Seller can live without. Custom software comes with its advantages though you can enable-disable those features at will.

  • Cross-marketplace syncing
  • Centralize Inventory
  • FBA Listing Management
  • Real Time Performance Tracking

Custom Amazon Inventory Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions about Amazon Inventory Management

What is Amazon inventory management?

Amazon lets brands to handle their inventory effectively utilizing Amazon inventory management system. It includes managing the process of storing, ordering, and using the inventory space.


Why should we sync Amazon inventory?
Syncing the inventory on Amazon helps to match both your store inventory and the Amazon inventory. It helps to manage multi-channel sales across various platforms and enables easy


Is it challenging to sync Amazon inventory with other sales channels?
eSellerhub’s Amazon inventory management can sync all your products in your inventory and display them in a single dashboard. It can bring together all your sales channels with a click of a button.
Moreover, our support teams can guide you to get started.


Can eSellerhub’s Amazon inventory management be customized to suit my business?
Yes. It is an aggregated platform that can sync your inventory from the store, website, eCommerce sales portals, and others into one solution. Our technical experts can help you with difficulties, if any, and provide a suitable solution for your business exclusively.

eSellerhub is capable of performing excellent Amazon inventory management. Amazon’s orders are handled by allowing a direct link between the Amazon marketplaces and eSellerhub Amazon inventory management software. The FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) and FBM (fulfillment by merchant) orders are synced to eSellerhub automatically, and it will update the current stock level adjustments.


The Amazon inventory management solution can update any number of changes resulting from a stock operation like receiving a PO shipment or shipping out an order. It takes significantly less time to make updations in the Amazon listing and hence supports the prevention of overselling.

The inventory management tool helps leverage various shipping service providers such as ShippingEasy and others to meet fulfillment needs. It permits effortless integration between the selling channels, shipping platform, and eSeller.


Most e-commerce companies use third-party shipping service providers to accept orders from various marketplaces like Walmart, eBay, or its website. Keeping track of stocks in hand is seamless without altering the existing shipping process. eSellerhub communicates with the shipping service provider to track inventory and sync orders once the orders are placed and shipped. The stock levels are then automatically updated on the Amazon marketplace.

Unveil and Edit Listings

You can list your products on Amazon, the web stores, and all other sales channels from your eSellerhub’s Amazon Inventory Management software account. You can manage variations and edit live listings, giving you total listing control in one Amazon inventory software.

Profit from Marketplace Coverage

Amazon Inventory Management software helps leverage the inventory you possess by listing them to all the famous high-potential marketplaces. Input your product details into eSellerhub, and we will push the titles, quantities, images, descriptions, and pricing automatically to your preferred marketplace.

Create Unique and New Listings

You can scale up your products’ visibility on Amazon by making a unique listing for every kit and bundle. Moreover, it saves time, decreases your amount of work, and lists more SKUs by bulk listing fresh product arrivals, submission updates, and reviewing live listings present on all leading marketplaces and web stores. Custom Amazon Inventory Management helps you reach millions of customers swiftly, and eSellerhub can help make your sales rise.

Seamless Inventory Management

You are no more getting into frustrating stock-outs and overselling situations. Having multi-channel Amazon inventory management in place can help you sync and check the inventory levels automatically.  eSellerhub helps to manage across your multiple online stores and other selling marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart,etc.

Hands-free Order Management & Shipping

Orders can be auto-imported easily. Our direct integrations with many popular shopping carts and marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc., helps you to see, manage, and print the required shipping labels all from one dashboard.

eCommerce Dashboard & Reports

In-built business intelligence reports offer detailed insights into your online sales processes and operations. It helps to handle your sales metrics through the entire eCommerce sales channels and online marketplaces.

Drop-shippers Management

You don’t have an inventory, needless to worry! Because you can link to your drop-shippers inventory directly to your eSellerhub Amazon inventory software and list products automatically to your preferred marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and web stores like Magento, Shopify & more.

Update Pricing Automatically

Gain the competitive edge and never fail the Amazon Buy-Box race again. With our eSellerhub Amazon Repricing tool, you can set customized selections like product state, the seller’s ranking, duration, and other options according to your preference.

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