Initiating with the online business is always an exciting thing but can be discouraging enough to handle the whole thing from designing the store and choosing your products to managing the shipping for your customers. All starts when customer clicks on “Buy Now”!!!Whether you use Rakuten fulfillment services to sell a few items a week or you are an established merchant with multiple retail channels, it’s trouble-free to automate the Rakuten fulfillment items using eSellerHub. This service enables retailers to fulfill online orders they receive through eCommerce web at a very cost-effective rates.

eSellerHub’s Rakuten Fulfillment Services have expertise in order processing and order fulfillment anywhere in the world. It can:

  • Integrate with your Rakuten store with our Rakuten fulfillment software speedily and hassle-free. We can customize for you the whole service as per your requirements.
  • We initiate our process by mapping shipping options and product information between our system and your Rakuten
  • Once integration is done, we will pull-out orders to our Rakuten fulfillment system with rapid and precise order processing
  • Tracking information will be send once the order has been shipped.
  • We will also update the inventory data and notify you once the inventory reaches the threshold.
  • With our web based software, you can check out scenario and status of your orders and can communicate directly with our team
Rakuten order fulfillment system

Features of Rakuten Order Fulfillment System

  • Speed and Accuracy
    Our automated pick/pack/ship system means 100% accuracy – you can sit back and relax. We are committed to deliver each and every shipment accurately and precisely with the strictest level of agreements in the industry and customer satisfaction is our key to success. From the moments, customer order is received, it goes through a thorough automation process to ensure it is precisely picked and shipped.
  • Commitment to industry best practices
    We ensure that orders are accurate at all levels and understand the importance of your customer’s satisfaction. The supply chain requires effective management of the end-to-end process in order to be successful.
  • Intelligent Reporting
    Managing inventory with the perfect delicacy is the key to expand the potential of the business. Our system enables you to identify what is the need and spend time in managing issues and not trying to find them. Rakuten Order Fulfillment also provides you alerts when order is under-stocked, overstocked or shipped.
  • Automate Everything
    We understand that, your business is exclusive. We would customize the system for you as we also understand that “one size fits all” is really not true for any system. eSellerHub automates the system and easily provides customization for your shipping and order fulfillment process. This results in saving time and empowering you to ship the orders exactly the way you want them.

We know how challenging online selling can be if the selling process are not as efficient. eSellerHub’s Rakuten order fulfillment solutions creates cost-effective, fully customized and highly optimized order fulfillment process that streamlines accuracy and productivity. We would strive to customize your inventory management system as per your requirements to leverage your business.