Being an online retailer selling on multiple marketplaces, you must be facing a dilemma in selecting an enterprise eCommerce software that would help you run your online business smoothly and efficiently. The enterprise software for selling on multiple channels requires your time and resources to implement. Moreover, your business accuracy also depends on the type of enterprise software you are using and so you need to be very careful while selecting one.

Below mentioned are some tips which would help you in selecting enterprise eCommerce software just perfect for your online retail business.

Gathering Requirements

Initially, it is important to understand your requirements. Are you selling on multiple sales channels or just through your Magneto store? If selling through multiple marketplaces, you need to select enterprise eCommerce software which can integrate those marketplaces and allows you to manage the inventory, order fulfillment and other processes from a single platform.

Technically Sound

The enterprise eCommerce software you choose should be efficient, speedy and accurate. It should be scalable enough and have scope of future enhancements as and when your business grows. The technology used for developing the enterprise software should come with ease for your team to adopt it easily and compatible enough with the other systems you use in your organization.

Suiting to your Business Process

Each and every business follows different processes and strategies. When it comes to executing enterprise eCommerce Software, you need to ensure that it works as per your business processes and your business logics.

Order Fulfillment

When you’re selling on multiple marketplaces, order fulfillment becomes a crucial part of your business. You get orders from various channels and each channel have their own terms and conditions for order fulfillment. An enterprise ecommerce software is built keeping in mind these requirements and thus enable you to fulfill order with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

Gives Comfortable Shopping Experience

The customer experience is the most important factor to be considered before choosing enterprise eCommerce software. After all, if the customers are happy then only your business can prosper. The enterprise software you choose for your online retail business should be updating the inventory on real-time basis, so that your online store displays perfect inventory information and the customers don’t face problems due to low stock or over selling issues.


Last but not the least; you need to consider the budget. When you choose to have a custom eCommerce software, you are paying for just those features which you require and not for the additional features which you are never going to use.

The success of your online retail business depends on how smooth and efficient your processes are. Your decision depends on the circumstances of your company and business goals. So, just put some research, time and thought to select the best enterprise eCommerce software which is customized as per your business logic and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best enterprise eCommerce software?

Selecting an enterprise eCommerce software can be quite challenging. But, do check out for certain features like SEO Friendliness, mobile compatibility, security aspects, platform scalability, product management system, order management system, return handling system, and multi-channel integration, to begin with. eSellerhub’s enterprise eCommerce software offers a truckload of all the essential features to make your lives effortless.

What makes a good eCommerce platform?

Any good e-commerce design should carry the right colors, images, words, fonts, and graphics to persuade visitors to make purchases. The eCommerce website design should entice potential customers, offer an unparalleled user experience and highlight your shop.

How to select the apt enterprise eCommerce software for my business?

Choosing the most suitable enterprise eCommerce software for your business depends on several factors associated with what your business requires to function efficiently. Also, include your ultimate business goals and the challenges you wish to resolve with your current system.

What are the primary systems integrations required?

Your enterprise eCommerce platform has to be capable of effectively integrating with the significant systems your business functions with, which may be your ERP, OMS, WMS, CRM, and others.