Scale Your eCommerce Business With Low-Cost Walmart Fulfillment Service

Walmart Fulfillment System

Everything starts when customer clicks on “Buy Now”!!! Our Walmart Fulfillment system is highly flexible and automated and comprises of receiving, processing and shipping the customer’s order. We use exclusive mishmash of capability, knowledge and technology programs to plan fulfillment solution to satisfy the needs of customers. You deserve to work with a company that understands e-commerce fulfillment service and can handle fast growth, seasonality and other challenges that are critical to the success for your online business.

“Shipping on the surface seems like a relatively simple problem, but when you have to send 4,000 boxes all over the world, it becomes this amazingly complicated task.” – David Carr, co-founder of Twine, in CrowdCrux

Some perks of the system that client admires:-

  • Reduced administration costs
  • Happier and loyal customers
  • Less stressed staff
  • Faster and more accurate decisions, leading to more sales and greater efficiency
  • Send alerts when stock is in under-stock or over-stocked
Walmart Fulfillment System

Features of our Walmart Fulfillment System

  • Accuracy and Quality
    For us 100% accuracy is important because every customer is significant for your business. We never compromise when it comes to quality and we strive to provide positive contact time with the customers to avoid headaches and apologies.
  • Intelligent Reporting
    Managing inventory with the accuracy is the key to expand the potential of the business. Our system enables you to identify what is the need and spend time in managing issues and not trying to find them.
  • Capabilities
    The need of our client grows as the technology expands. We work with the clients to meet their changing requirements. We support multi-channel system that enables the clients to rapidly increase output ensuring the future needs to meet at ease.
  • Get the things easy with our Barcode scanner
    By streamlining the process, enterprise can more perfectly determine the product availability. Our Walmart Fulfillment service can accurately pick items and pack orders by scanning the barcode and order ids through a barcode scanner.

Walmart order fulfillment process in chronological order:

Walmart order fulfillment process in chronological order:
  • 1 Controlling inventory.
  • 2 Acknowledging to order to find out availability and location in inventory
  • 3 Configuring the order
  • 4 Acknowledgment when order is booked
  • 5 Processing the order at your distribution center
  • 6 Updating the inventory if any order changes after the sale
  • 7 Updating the inventory and sending the notifications to the retailers and customers

eSellerhub’s Walmart fulfillment software is an automated, flexible software that performs the entire operations required for order fulfillment. It is 100% accurate and provides a good contact time with the customers for a hassle-free experience.

It offers intelligent reporting and manages inventory accurately. It identifies the need, so that much time is spent managing the issues and not finding them. It supports a multi-channel system that helps to raise the output faster and to meet future requirements. Streamlining the process helps to determine the product availability more easily.

A Barcode scanner facility is also available. eSellerhub’s Walmart Fulfillment system picks and packs orders. It is then scanned by the barcode scanner with the barcode and order ids. The entire process is simplified. Controlling inventory becomes a quick and efficient process.

Once the order is acknowledged, the inventory is checked to find out the availability and location of presence. The order is then configured, and order booking acknowledgment is done. The order is processed at the distribution center. Following which the inventory gets automatically updated on the order changes once the sale is completed. After the inventory is updated, notifications are sent to particular retailers and customers.

We know how challenging online selling can be if the selling process is not as efficient. It is like leaving money on the table and that to it is the biggest mistake any online seller can make. So, we specialize in developing inventory management software that has enough support and features for your warehouse management. If you are not sure what you need or are looking for a customized solution, the experts at eSellerHub can help you to grow your business. Let’s talk.