The biggest challenge of selling online is to generate traffic to your Ecommerce website. Due to constant updates by Google and its algorithm changes, it has become quite difficult for the online stores to sustain itself in this competitive market. In a recent survey, it has been proven that 44% of online shoppers now rely on Amazon for their online purchases. So, now people prefer to buy from Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten, Sears etc. as they are able to view different products and brands all at one place. Instead of waiting for your customers to reach out to you, it is of course a smart way to reach out to your customers by displaying and selling your products on different marketplaces.

If you have decided to sell on different marketplaces, you also need to know about different critical issues which you will have to face on a regular basis like inventory management, product listing, order management, shipping of the products etc. Managing all these issues for different selling platforms would be very time consuming for you. The good news is that there is a solution available for this and it is known as Multiple Marketplaces Management System. In this article, we will talk about different features of this system and how they can help us in mastering the art of selling on various marketplaces.

Inventory Management

With the feature of inventory management, you can centralize your stock from one place and can avoid overselling as well as stock outs. You can set an alert for yourself if the stock of a particular product goes down below a certain level. You can automatically sync the stock of your products available at different marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay etc. As soon as a particular quantity of a product gets sold from a marketplace, it automatically gets deducted from the quantity available on other marketplaces. Besides that, you can set product condition, view inventory history, print barcodes etc.

Product Listing in Bulk

It might be quite time consuming to list each and every product on different marketplaces and you may need a trained manpower for that. If you have multiple marketplaces management system, then this task can become quite easy for you. You can just list all your products on different marketplaces all at once by just uploading a single excel sheet. With the help of this system, the buyers can access your thousands of products from Amazon, Ebay etc. at a time and now you can imagine the increase in the sales of your products.


There are many merchants, selling the products you are providing. So, do you have an idea how will you stand out amongst them? Multiple Marketplaces Management System can really help you out in this. Through its features of Re-pricing, you can keep your product in Buy Box, 24/7. So, this sounds interesting, isn’t it? If you are thinking how is it possible. Then we have the answer. You can set a strategy on this system through which your product would be displayed in the Buy Box and thus there is a definite possibility of your product being noticed more than your competitors’ products.

Order Management

The best thing about this system is that you can view and manage orders from different marketplaces from one place. This means that you don’t have to login on different marketplaces to download and list your orders. All your orders get listed at one place and then you can view, manage and search the orders as well as process refunds from a single screen. You can also print picking and packing lists from here which would save lot of your time which can be utilized in other productive tasks.

Suppliers’ Management

If you are not the manufacturer of the products you are selling on marketplaces, you can easily track the suppliers’ inventory and then automatically update your inventory through Multiple Marketplaces Management System. Moreover, you can also send orders to your suppliers automatically through this system. Also you can update price and quantity of your products displayed on various marketplaces as and when required.

Product Shipping Management

After getting numerous orders from different marketplaces, shipping those products on a timely manner would become an issue. With the help of Multiple Marketplaces Management Application, you need not worry about that too. You can print the packing slips, labels, barcodes etc. and as soon as the item is shipped, the marketplace gets the tracking number automatically. This application supports various shipping carriers like UPS, Fedex etc.


After completing the entire sales and delivery process, getting reports become very much important so that you can estimate future sales and budget for your company. You get all the reports which would give you an idea about the sales done from each marketplace and would help you in taking important decisions in future.

These are the basic standard provided by any Multiple Marketplaces Management Application but you can get the features customized to your requirements also. You can definitely get the functionalities you require in the system. Just get in touch with us and let us know about your requirements. We will come up with an extremely user friendly Multiple Marketplaces Management System suiting to your requirements.

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