having 80 million unique monthly visitors and 15 million products listed (number increasing day by day) is now considered among the top 5 online retailers. With its consistent growth and highly inspiring market, it has become one of the biggest E-Commerce opportunities which require to be grabbed by the online retailers and take a smart move.

Selling on Walmart would be like facing less competition and at the same time exposing your products to millions of its loyal customers. But, making your products available to Walmart customers would not be enough. You require converting the visitors to buyers which can be done by creating great product listing on

Select Right Product Category and Sub Category

To sell products effectively, it becomes important to place them under relevant category and sub category. Walmart has created 24 universal categories considering the common departmentalizing criteria followed by online retailers and sellers globally. Each category and sub category displays specific features of a particular product. It becomes quite convenient for the customer to find your product if its listed under right category and sub category.

Enrich the Quality of Product Image

When it comes to online buying, the customer is not able to touch and feel your product. So, the decision -whether to buy or not is totally based on the product image. The buyer can judge the quality and other aspects of the product only from its image. Thus, the image of the product should be of good quality. You need to ensure that your product image complies with the standard formatting set by Walmart which includes its size, URL and resolution. Follow these factors to present high quality content to the customers.

Set Up Similar Products in Variant Groups

The similar products can be segmented in variants based on few attributes. For example same branded shirts can have different colors & size. Details like Variant Group ID, Variant Attribute Name and swatch images need to be specified for the products having variants otherwise the customers would not get information about the different variants of those products.

Use Best SEO Techniques in Product Description

It is truly said that “Content is the key of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).” Thus, you need to make sure that the product description contains keywords rich content. Just listing your products would not be enough. Your products should also be listed on top to get the visibility of the users and for that SEO friendly content is required in your product description. SEO friendly product descriptions not only help the search engines to list your products on the top but also help the customers to search your products easily.

Price Smartly

Last but not the least, the most important factor to maximize sales would be the price. The price of your product should be competitive in order to encourage the visitor to buy your product. No matter how good your product image is and how SEO friendly your product description is, if the price of the product is higher than other competitors, the visitor can get attracted towards low price products. You can go for a smart Walmart Repricer which can adjust the prices according to the algorithm set by you and also help you in winning the buy box.

Being particular about all the above factors would definitely ensure success in selling on rapidly progressing marketplace –