Etsy Inventory Management

Your Etsy Inventory Is Always Synced With Other Marketplaces

Etsy Inventory Management Software

Gain complete control of your Etsy inventory for multiple warehouses and sales channels. You can sync all your inventory everywhere in real-time, so you can check if you have the right amount of stock at the right time. Prevent overselling and backorders scenario with forecast demand feature and handle end-to-end purchasing. You can also control the volume of the stock present in each channel and set up other time-saving automation with eSellerhub’s Etsy Inventory Management Software. More features on Etsy inventory management in eSellerhub

Access from anywhere

  • As Etsy inventory management software is cloud-based, accessing your inventory data is possible anywhere as the data accessibility is effortless. 
  • It offers better forecasting and reporting for more precise decision-making with the help of inventory performance data, financial information, and historical stock data. The data can be filtered, grouped, and categorized easily.

Powerful reporting

You can operate your inventory, access order fulfillment reports and sales information over any particular period to gain priceless insights and make more informed decisions easily.

Data-driven demand forecasting

You can forecast demand by setting the re-ordering levels as per product-basis or using past years’ sales data. Then handle purchase orders and email suppliers for trouble-free re-ordering.

Total visibility on warehouse operations

Get to know your product’s lifecycle, where it is, and the actions that various team members have performed.

Automatic inventory syncing

When a sale happens on one channel, eSellerhub updates inventory levels automatically on all the present sales channels, thereby offering you a united inventory that remains precise through all your selling places. You can sync inventory across multiple locations and balance them accordingly despite domestic, international, or Amazon FBA warehouses. Transferring stock among these channels is made easier, and everything is tracked in real-time with accurate stock levels in every store and marketplace.

Handle any number of inventories

You can ship orders and handle inventory for several FBA locations and warehouses with a single esellerhub account. You can also make warehouse-to-warehouse stock transfers that enable you to move inventory around easily. Orders can be routed automatically to be fulfilled at particular FBA locations or warehouses based on the delivery address, sales channel, or zip code. Etsy inventory management ensures that you always have the right inventory volume in the right places to quickly ship orders.
Import Product Listing from Anywhere on Etsy

Import Product Listing from Anywhere on Etsy

With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can now import product listing from any marketplace or your own store to Etsy. Etsy inventory management software developed by eSellerHub can maintain uniformity and accuracy in the item details including bundles and kits. No more wasting time and resources in uploading product details manually. You can now push all your products from Amazon or any other marketplace to Etsy and vice versa with the software. Edit product information anytime and get details updated in real-time. Managing multiple product variations will no more be a tedious task. This software helps you in maintaining uniform product variation information on multiple marketplaces avoiding ambiguities.

Monitor and Update Inventory 24/7

Monitor and Update Inventory 24/7

As soon as an item is sold, returned or exchanged, the software updates the inventory providing accurate information to you and your customers. Updating inventory manually on a real-time basis is next to impossible. Issues like low stock and overselling can displease your customers if inventory is not updated at the right time. Especially on weekends or holidays if you are not able to update the inventory, the items which are not physically with you can get sold and you either need to cancel the order or delay the shipments. This can annoy your customers and create problems in your business. Bundling multiple items and forming kits on your Etsy store is no more a tedious job now. The software updates inventory on Etsy and other sales channels you are selling on as soon as an item from a kit has been sold. Now you can list more and more products on Etsy without the worry of managing sales and order fulfillment accurately. This amazing inventory management software does that for you.

Quick Order Fulfillment

Quick Order Fulfillment

This custom-made software centralizes the complete information about the orders received from Esty as well as the other sales channels. You also have the information about the products lying in different warehouses at your fingertips. This makes the entire process of picking, packing and shipping quick and error free. It also helps in printing shipping labels in bulk. So, even if you are loaded with orders during the peak season, your order dispatch is done accurately and within committed time frame. As soon as the items are dispatched, tracking information is sent to your customers providing them with better shopping experience.

Detailed Insights Unlocked

Detailed Insights Unlocked

Enhance your sales and execute your orders proficiently, with eSellerHub’s powerful inventory control and order management features. Make the use of eSellerHub’s tailor-made inventory management software to monitor how much stock you have on hand, calculate your appropriate pricing, make your next purchase with ease and view valuable stats about your products. Predict the future demands and accordingly fulfill your stocks with simplicity! Running reports in a cost-effective way makes you organized and aids in focusing on your core business and less time on management. Accurate information on the finger-tips and designing the best future sales strategies can help you to be a successful seller on Etsy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Etsy Inventory Management Software

Can I list products on various channels according to their criteria?
eSellerhub’s Etsy inventory management software ensures that all your product listings match every marketplace’s requirements. Also, it ascertains that every detail on item data is precise, up-to-date, and optimized for variable products.


How does the auto updations feature work?
e-SellerHub automatically updates the stock information on Etsy as well as other multiple marketplaces. It notifies immediately once an item is sold from any of the stores, thus enabling you to gain access to real-time data at any point in time.


Can I set custom notifications for sales volume?
Yes. Etsy inventory management software lets you set up alerts for sales, like when the sale meets a specific threshold number. It helps to track the stock counts accurately.


How does Etsy inventory management help to keep track of sales?
Etsy Inventory management automatically scans and notices products, and makes updations every-time there is a change. In addition to that, the detailed insights and reports help to analyze product performance and sales channels.

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