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E-Seller Hub allows you to list your products displayed on Magento store on various sales channels and vice versa. Multi-tasking is tough but eSellerHub makes it easy to manage from the single dashboard. Increase your sales potential by listing your products on various marketplaces and managing them from one place with accuracy. It helps in seamlessly syncing and managing all of your orders across multiple platforms and channels. Our user interface is quite simple, intuitive and crafted to keep human errors to minimum. eSellerHub’s Magento Inventory management software helps you to gain access to more customers without compromising on the service. Be more efficient and serve your customer faster by driving more sales with our inventory management system.

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Update Inventory on Real-time Basis

No matter on which sales channel your product has been sold, the inventory level is updated on your Magento store and all the other stores integrated with E-Seller Hub. All the products, SKUs and variants managed from one place, avoiding confusion and improving efficiency. Magento Inventory Management system will automatically update your stock every time when a purchase is made or you don’t have in stock. It also helps you to track your order status- whether it is picked, packed or shipped. Get notified when a stock, purchase orders, suppliers are added or updated! As sales orders are placed and purchase orders are received, it helps in avoiding overselling and stock outs.

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Manage Sales Orders with Speed and Accuracy

As soon as the order is received on your Magento store, it gets reflected on E-Seller Hub and then is processed immediately. So, whether you have placed several products on heavy discount or it’s a normal sale, entire pick, pack and ship process is done with speed and accuracy. Magento inventory management system offers complete visibility of your inventory at any location and gives you ability to swiftly move the products as and when needed. Order processing is painless and tracking is made simple. This service helps the brands to grow sales, expand into markets and delight the customers by nullifying the storage hassles. eSellerHub helps in streamlining order fulfillment by automating invoice generation and shipment process for pending orders.


Detailed and Powerful Reporting

Get the information relating to sales and the sales channels performance through E-Seller Hub’s detailed and powerful reporting system. Take smart decisions for future. Prepare sales strategies accordingly and improve sales as well as profit margin. Magento Inventory Management system lets you to gain visibility about the profit made from sales and provides you with customized reporting tool. Whether you want to assemble a list of featured products, get control over the stocks etc. e-SellerHub’s reporting module helps you to supply relevant information and helps you to deal with all the management issues.

eSellerhub allows listing the various products displayed in the Magento store to be visible on all sales channels. It helps to effectively manage the inventory from your Magento store by integrating with eSellerhub’s Magento inventory management software. The orders received from the Magento store are automatically synced with eSeller, and real-time stock updations happen from time to time accurately.


Any specific quantity changes that occur after any stock related operation will also be updated in Magento’s listings within less time. It helps to avoid overselling. The fulfillment of picking packing and shipping needs can be executed smoothly and quickly with eSellerhub. The integration is also simple and less time consuming, thereby making integrating inventory management and shipping easier.


Orders received in the Magento store get reflected in eSellerhub, and it is processed in no time. The speed and accuracy are always on the higher end, even if they are classified as discount or standard sales. Complete visibility is given irrespective of the location and the number of locations. End-to-end order processing is simple as well as tracking is accurate and real-time.


Magento inventory management streamlines order fulfillment by automated invoice generation and shipment process. Getting sales related information on various sales channels, including the Magento store, is possible with eSellerhub’s detailed reporting system. It helps to improve sales and profit margins. The reporting tool can be customized according to the requirements in each business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Magento Inventory Management Software

Can all my products be managed with Magento inventory management?
All your products, SKUs, and variants can be handles from one place. Thus it eliminates any confusion and improves the efficiency of your business operations.


Why should I use Magento inventory management software?
Magento Inventory Management system automatically updates stock, helps to track order status like picked, packed or shipped, and get notifications on every update. It helps to avoid overselling and stock out conditions.


Can all my products at different locations be tracked?
eSellerhub’s Magento inventory management software provides total visibility of your inventory present at any location. It also enables you to move the products whenever required swiftly.


Can I get reports?
Magento Inventory Management software provides ample insight into sales profit with an inbuilt customized reporting tool. e-SellerHub’s reporting module offers relevant information required to handle all the management issues.

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