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Amazon Fulfillment Center To Grow Your Business

Inarguably, Amazon has got the most sophisticated logistics network all over the globe. Amazon has changed the way people shop online by changing the scenario of business model according to the market’s demand. This e-commerce giant is leveraging with the products of more than 20 categories and 10 markets around the world and has set the expectations as the benchmark in terms of delivery speed and pricing.

Apart from selling the products, Amazon has also given the wings to the services called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) which means that Amazon Pick-Pack and Ship your orders. It is one of the advanced services that makes sure that your business benefits from their expertise and also helps to scale your business to reach more customers. In Amazon Fulfillment service, customer ships their inventory to Amazon which then manages the entire back-end fulfillment of an item once it is purchased. Sellers who use this service can see the difference from their competitors in terms of faster delivery time and wider customer base.

When sellers use Amazon Fulfillment service, they are eligible for free shipping for the orders above 35$, attractive return policy and some other benefits also. Hence with this perks, customers becomes confident in making purchases from Amazon. And as your business increase, you are also increasing your chance to win the Buy Box. Additionally, if you are register on, you can also sell in Amazon Canada and Mexico. And if you are also taking Amazon Fulfillment service of the products you list on and, you get the chance for even more customers across North America.

Amazon Fulfillment Center


  • Increases your sales: As Amazon has large customer base, your product becomes more visible and competitive, if you make the use of Amazon Fulfillment service. Inventory centers are built with your inventory in mind and can handle any number of inventory and other details to save your time. Hence, this helps to focus on your business.
  • Saves your time and customer trust: Amazon fulfillment can help you with all the logistics and customer service with no hidden charges and additional cost. FBA covers wide range of fulfillment support like fast delivery, free domestic shipping, tracking, 24*7 customer care etc.
  • Payment: Amazon Fulfillment has pay per use flexible business model with no minimum inventory requirements. Just pay for the storage you require and use and sell. Amazon provides service in the local language and handles returns.
  • Multi-channel management: FBA can also fulfill your orders from the other channels – from your stored inventory in an Amazon fulfillment center. You will be able to manage your inventory online and can contact anytime for the return inventory.
Amazon Fulfillment

What is the role of eSellerHub?

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