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Integrate your Groupon Store Easily

Get your Groupon store integrated seamlessly with eSellerHub’s customized inventory management software. You can import your product list hassle-free within minutes from any marketplace or your own online store to your Groupon store. eSellerHub enables secure selling on Groupon and also facilitates to target massive online buyers who are looking for daily discount deals. With multi-channel selling, shipping integrations and powerful inventory control, you can now optimize your inventory and order management, right from purchase to packing, to payments. If you are overwhelmed with the idea of managing Groupon as an additional marketplace, inventory management software by eSellerHub is there to automate the entire process of product listing on Groupon and drive your online business successfully.

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Streamline Inventory

It is always tedious and unrealistic to manage several products manually on multiple marketplaces. Especially on weekends or on holidays, your manpower might not be available to update the inventory as soon as an event of sales, return or exchange occurs. Inventory management software by helps you in updating the inventory across all your marketplaces on a real-time basis. Additionally, it provides accurate inventory information to your customers and eliminates disastrous issues like overselling and low stock. Sometimes delay in delivery or cancelling the order can disappoint and annoy your customers and pressurize them to leave a negative feedback for your business. In order to avoid such situations, it is always advisable to use the best inventory management system rich in features robotizing your online business.

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Fulfill Orders at a Lightening Speed

The inventory management software tailor-made by eSellerHub has access to all the information about your inventory stored in multiple warehouses. Moreover, you get all the details about orders received from multiple marketplaces from a single dashboard. Managing orders becomes easy and much quicker due to the access to all the information from a single system. Also, this system enables printing of shipping labels in bulk quantity. With all these magical features, this system excellently assists in completing the entire process of picking, packing and shipping at a lightning speed. The customers get access to the tracking information which adds an extra opulence to their shopping experience. Even if you are overloaded with high number of orders during a holiday season or heavy discounts introduced on your store, you can manage order fulfillment swiftly without any errors giving a solid reason to your customers to return to your stores repeatedly

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Evaluate Sales Performance and Determine Future Strategies

Running a business without analyzing performance would be like running a race without having an idea about the finishing point. With eSellerHub, you can resolve many of your business queries with the appropriate reporting system that helps in fetching insights like best selling product, maximum sales, market trends and much more. You can estimate buyers’ behavior based on the reports generated by eSellerHub and design smart marketing strategies for future. So, avoid decisions based on guesswork and analyze realistic facts and figures which can positively pay-off your online business.

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