Managing suppliers is also an integral part of a business. Beyond discounts and deals, knowing how to get the best out of suppliers is also very important for the success of your online business. Maintaining good relationship with suppliers is always been proven to be profitable for businesses. Especially if you are selling on Walmart, you need to be very accurate in your entire selling process which is possible only with the help of a well functional supplier management system like Esellerhub.

Walmart integrated with Esellerhub would can manage your suppliers as well as entire inventory management and order fulfillment process which would organize your business processes and improve accuracy. Below mentioned are some features of Esellerhub useful for all your supplier management tasks.

Manage Suppliers’ Product List

You can manage the product feeds of all your suppliers and vendors from one place. Compare the prices quoted by different suppliers and choose the best one suiting you. Also, you can generate purchase orders and send it to the supplier you want to place order with.

Purchase Orders Management

You can generate and send purchase orders to the suppliers through emails directly from Esellerhub. Make the entire purchasing process for your store accurate and quick. Also verification can be done once you receive those products in warehouse.

Updating Inventory Automatically

As soon as you receive the products from your suppliers, the inventory gets updated across all the marketplaces automatically with the help of Esellerhub. Displaying right quantity to the customers is the key to success of any online retail business.

Communicating with Suppliers

Inform your suppliers about anything or everything from a single screen of Esellerhub. Communicating with the suppliers at right time through email and get your jobs done quickly and easily.

Order When Out of Stock

If you are running out of stock for a particular product, Esellerhub helps you in sending the purchase order to the respective supplier and get it delivered to you so that you can avoid low stock issues.

Ready to sell on Walmart Confidently?

Well planned and informed decisions always benefit a business. With systematic approach in supplier management, you will be able to maintain good relations with your suppliers and in turn get good discounts and support from their side. By using Esellerhub, you get a clarity about different suppliers and can compare their product prices helping you to take profitable decisions for your business. Esellerhub provides simplicity in organizing, searching and managing complete supplier details enabling you to manage selling on Walmart with accuracy.