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Start- Scale –Optimize with Newegg online leading marketplace known for its massive offering of electronics and accessories. The products of these categories come with lot of technical information and diverse configurations. So, the sellers need to ensure that accurate information is being provided to their customers. eSellerHub can cater you with the bespoke inventory management software that can help you in syncing your inventory, pricing, orders effortlessly and efficiently from your online store or other marketplaces to Newegg. Whether you are planning to sell on Newegg, Newegg Business or Newegg Canada, list your products hassle-free uniformly on all the marketplaces with the help of inventory management software. With eSellerHub, Newegg sellers can have accurate and up-to-date information which results in saving time. So, start selling on one of the most loved marketplaces of the web – “Newegg” with the help of eSellerHub’s customized inventory management software.


Update Inventory on a Real-Time Basis

Selling on multiple marketplaces can be challenging especially when it comes to updating the inventory. Inventory management system of eSellerHub helps in improving stock and inventory tracking through automatically updated stock levels whenever sales and purchase are made. Newegg customers are tech savvy and expect high quality services they are used to. To maintain high standards in services, the sellers need specialized Newegg inventory management software. With our automated product listing services, we ensure that your multi-faceted products get listed in the shortest possible time. Additionally, it can protect sellers from highly unwanted overselling or low stock issues. As soon as an item from any of the marketplaces is sold, returned or exchanged, the inventory management software updates inventory information on Newegg and all the other marketplaces.


Minimize Order Processing Time

The inventory management software developed by eSellerHub can help you in fetching information about all the orders received from Newegg and other marketplaces and sales channels from a single dashboard. It is a magical tool which helps you in picking, packing and shipping orders quicker without any hassles. Print shipping labels in bulk can be on the go with this specialized inventory management tool. Tracking shipments also becomes easier for both – merchants and customers, even if there is high number of orders in the holiday season. For a marketplace like Newegg, one with both niche and mainstream buyers, going without this dual functionality is like driving a car without fuel.

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Analyze your Performance and Take Smart Decisions

Analyzing performance, based on different products and marketplaces comparison is essential especially in these fast changing trends of online retail business. This inventory management software by eSellerHub gives you the facts and figures for sales, returns, exchanges etc. With this, you can easily come to know about consumer behavior, market conditions etc., and hence, it helps you in designing profitable business strategies in future. You would get an opportunity to improvise your products and services which can satisfy the needs of customers and ultimately grow your business. Thus, analyze your performance with the help of this multi-channel inventory management system and take smart and futuristic decisions that can positively impact your business.

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