Your Opencart Inventory Is Always Synced With Other Marketplaces

Exclusive inventory and shipping management platform specially crafted for eCommerce sellers on Opencart.

OpenCart Inventory Management

Have total control of your OpenCart inventory for multiple warehouses and sales channels. Get to know all that is present in your stock and its location at any time. It is the one platform that you need to keep total control over your inventory that comprises your number of sales channels and warehouses. Its essential features include:
  • Syncing inventory in real-time everywhere, thus avoiding backorders and overselling.
  • Manage end-to-end purchasing and forecast demand, so you have the right stock and quantity at the right time.
  • Daily tasks can be put on autopilot mode using rules such as routing to warehouses, setting stock per channel, and many more.
  • Opencart Inventory management software that gives you full control and enables end to end purchasing to happen in one place
  • Forecast the quantity required and when it is time to make a purchase, email the suppliers, track and receive the respective stock.
  • It is easier, quicker, and better at stock taking based on your warehouse and team with lower downtime and greater accuracy
Other important functionalities are:

Barcode Scanning

The barcode scanning facility increases the warehouse and fulfillment accurateness. The inventory and warehouse management is made simple with eSellerhub’s Opencart Inventory software.

Link Physical Stores

Shopify POS or Vendor point of sale systems can be connected to integrate with your sales and inventory from multiple physical stores you own.

Sync inventory through several locations

You can balance your inventory across any number of international, domestic, or Amazon FBA warehouses. You can transfer stock between all of them easily. Real-time tracking comes in handy, providing you with exact stock levels present in every marketplace and store.

100% Digital Picking

No more paper is picking up lists and the usage of laborious manual systems. Enjoy hands-free total digital fulfillment operation with Opencart inventory system. Inventory automation puts daily redundant stock-taking tasks on autopilot and saves more time. You can create automated stock rules for controlling precisely the inventory quantity for every sales channel. Based on many triggers, you can put repeated tasks on autopilot mode and situations like defaulting to shipping service for next-day delivery order fulfillment.

Ship Faster with Order Routing

You can ship faster by routing orders automatically to particular warehouses depending on the destination address or sales channel. You can also set alternative warehouses to switch whenever the stock is running low at your favored location.
Opencart list products

OpenCart Inventory Management -Sync Your Store Inventory

Sync your OpenCart store with other marketplaces and maximize your sales potential. All your products listed on your OpenCart store are displayed on other sales channels like Amazon, Ebay, Sears etc., with minimum efforts and time enabling you to sell more and earn more.

Opencart manage inventory

Synchronize your Inventory Level

Avoid overselling and low stock issues with the help of E-Seller Hub – a multiple Inventory Management System. As soon as an item is sold from any of your marketplaces, the inventory level gets updated on all the sales channels helping you to keep your business moving and customers satisfied.

Opencart manage orders efficiently

Manage all your Orders from Single Platform

Pick, pack and ship all your orders received from different sales channels through a single platform – E-Seller Hub. Manage all your sales orders from one place resulting quick delivery and ultimate customer satisfaction.


Access In-depth Reports and Insights

Get detailed sales reports which and help you in achieving your sales targets. You can better understand customer behavior and change your sales strategies accordingly to improve sales and ROI. You get a clear idea about future opportunities or threats and can take action based on those reports.

Frequently Asked Questions about OpenCart Inventory Management

What is eSellerhub’s Opencart inventory management?

It is standard inventory software that syncs Opencart product inventory from the store and displays it on software.

Can I view analytics and generate reports for my business?

Yes, you can see reports on orders and items based on the sales data. 

Can I sync my entire inventory with eSellerhub’s Opencart inventory management?

Yes, eSellerhub software can sync from any store/marketplace inventory into the software promptly. 

What are all shipping integrations available in eSellerhub?

We support all widely used shipping integration like FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.

other features
Manage Suppliers
Manage Suppliers
Merge Products
Merge Products
List Products everywhere
List Products everywhere
Advanced Insights
Advanced Insights
Source Products
Source Products
Shipping Integrations
Shipping Integrations
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