Inventory management system is software which is used to track inventory levels, sales, order fulfillment and complete online selling processes. It is can be desktop and mobile based system highly useful to online sellers as well as brick and mortar stores.

It keeps track of incoming as well as outgoing stock in the business. The basic goal of inventory management system is to give a clear picture about the stock levels. Many merchants use spreadsheets for maintaining stock levels for a store. But what if you are selling across multiple marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Sears, Walmart, Rakuten etc.? These marketplaces work 24/7. So, is it practical to maintain stock levels through spreadsheets? An inventory management system keeps track of the inventory and updates the stock levels as soon as an item is sold. So, your inventory is being tracked and updated 24/7!!!

Ideal Features of an Inventory Management SystemIt is understood that in today’s era of online retail business, it becomes very much important to sell on multiple marketplaces to remain competitive and expand your business globally. But, if you are not able to handle inventory accurately on all marketplaces, your business may get a bad reputation ultimately leading you to failure. Thus, to get ahead of your competitors, you need to work in a smart manner and implement an automatic inventory management system like Esellerhub.Esellerhub is an inventory management system which can integrate multiple marketplaces like Amazon, Sears, Walmart, Rakuten etc. Wide range of shipping integrations can be done so that you can provide quick delivery to your customers and earn reputation as the best online retailer. Here we will discuss the features of Esellerhub – considered to be an ideal inventory management system.

Inventory Management

The basic and most important feature of Esellerhub is inventory management. For example if one of your item gets sold on Amazon, Esellerhub updates the inventory across all the marketplaces automatically. You don’t have to keep track of the orders and update the inventory manually. Esellerhub does it for you at regular intervals. Take power in your hands and avoid low stock or overselling issues.

Organized Product Listing

You can easily add, edit or delete your products on any of your marketplaces from a single place. Import your product list or merge your already existing product list with a new one. With its API integration it becomes easy to organize your product listing with variations across all the marketplaces.

Kitting and Bundling of Products

You can group relevant products and make it available for your customers with the help of Esellerhub. It is a great way of increasing sales and reducing shipping costs. Each kit or bundle of products is assigned a different SKU and thus you don’t face any confusion in shipping items or updating inventory as soon as order is places. All the tasks relating to bundle and kit products are done by Esellerhub automatically.

Variations Management

The most confusing part of online retailing is the variations management of the products. Each and every product is having several variations depending on its size, colour, material, print, style etc. With the help of Esellerhub, you can define multiple variations of each product and manage them across multiple marketplaces automatically.

Inventory Tracking

Esellerhub tracks the inventory from the time it was created till the time it is sold. It keeps track of each and every product so that you can decide on which products you need to invest on and which one are not worth displaying on your store.

Efficient Dropshipping Process

As soon as you receive an order for dropshipping item, Esellerhub informs the dropshippers or the vendors about the same. Even after forwarding the order to the vendor, the inventory management system tracks the product at each and every level until the product gets delivered to the customer.


These were the features of Esellerhub as an inventory management system. Besides, inventory management, Esellerhub also manages order fulfillment as well as supplier management and provides reports and analytics which can help you in taking future decisions and managing your online retail business in a smart manner. Just get in touch with us on and our consultants can come up with a customized inventory management system exclusively as per your business logic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the inventory management system help in the planning process?

An inventory management system comprises a diverse category of specialized tools used for gathering and analyzing inventory-based information. This data is highly beneficial for decision-making and planning purposes.

What will be the significant difficulties while implementing inventory management software?

Generally, the integration process with current ERP or other modules, data quality, and staff training will be the significant challenges that require quite a lot of your attention. But, eSellerhub takes care of all that for our clients.

Why are many companies going ahead with inventory management software?

Inventory management software can decrease the inventory costs with the data gathered and lets you know when and what to replenish. It also optimizes the inventory levels and locations, gathers demand data, and improves the overall customer service.

How do I get inventory management software for my company?

Please send us your requirement, and our experts will get in touch to discuss further. We’ll offer you the best possible quote within 24 hours of getting your requirements. We can also develop custom inventory management software according to your needs.